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Journal pgmrdlm's Journal: Upgrading to FreeBSD 8.1

In the middle of the CVS update right now. Considering I already have 8.1 pre release, this is taking longer than I thought it would. Will let this run all night, and than upgrade tomorrow.

Should have done a backup prior to this. But, this is a desktop that is being updated and the last major port install had a backup done afterward. Nothing lost if I have to go to that backup to fix.

Update: 2010/07/25 - I had previously installed pidgin and the mbpidgin add on. There were issues where every time I tried to log into twitter, it would crash pidgin. Funny thing is, I have the latest version on windows and this is not an issue. What ever. But, when rebooting I started hanging up in the log in process.

  • Restored back to previous backup from 2010/07/08
  • Upgrade to 8.1 current complete
  • New backup being performed

Port upgrade and subsequent backup may not occur. This is an upgrade from 8.1 pre, and I have been upgrading the ports as I go.

  • Will check ports to see if any need updating after backup
  • New backup will be performed after port upgrades are complete.
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Upgrading to FreeBSD 8.1

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