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Journal Matthew Weigel's Journal: Why?

So I volunteered for a "week locked in a hotel room" medical study today. I dunno if I think it's a good kind of study, I dunno if I'm going to follow through with it (I have until the end of May to back out!). With a phone line I can get work done, and there are those philosophy of math books I've been meaning to read... Lauren will probably go nuts at the house, but if we're smart about taking care of groceries and things then at least she won't starve.

I guess I sort of view it as a funky sabbatical; if I can get enough work done to justify it being "working from home" rather than "taking a week off", then I'll come out pretty far ahead.

Piercings: pro/con? Con: I'm too much of a wuss to try to fight with some piercings, and I love mixing it up with friends, so those are right out unless I can figure out how to deal. Pro: far less permanent than a tattoo, with about as much pain and look-at-me value. I've always see-sawed between being squeamish about doing semi-permanent damage to myself, and playing at scarring, but I've always had an irrational sense that I just shouldn't put ink or metal in me. Pro: I can explore that feeling without permanent effect with piercings, and all I'll give up is the fact that I've never done it. Con: it's pussy-footing if I think I'll get a tattoo; just get the tattoo. Except for the ever-astonished Eckerdt, I doubt anyone would notice if I got a simple little earring, but I'm not sure that I wouldn't jump in with both feet and get a nipple ring or nose ring. Pro: this is gonna sound weird, but there is an appeal to tracking my life history through piercings or tattoos.

"I got this one when I got drunk and said something unkind to Lauren, I got this one for the argument I had with my parents, and that one when I provoked a fight..."

Real appeal. Con: the desire to record my shame on my body permanently is probably not healthy, and might not be something I should encourage in myself.

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