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What should be the punishment for illegal downloaders

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  • People who want to make downloading illegal should be punished... very harshly. They are tyrants. And you are full of it. So quit your damn trolling.

    • I hate fucking thieves. By your comment, it means I hate you.

      I support armed conflict. Those that produce and give to the world against people like you. Parasites that do nothing but take. You wouldn't last a day

      • Unless she's really cute

        Parasites are thriving throughout the world. (Your life, like everybody else's, depends on them) And so are the real thieves that you apparently support. Hate me all you want. I carry enough anti-venom for the both of us. I also practice good gun control. I might last a day and a half or so.


        • May your house be robbed and destroyed by your fellow thieves leaving you no physical possessions and no place to live.

          May your electronic identity be stolen by your fellow thieves and that you spend years and untold thousands of dollars trying to prove you are not the person your friends in crime have now made you out to be.

          May the ideas you come up with on your job be stolen by your fellow thieves and all recognition and advancement that you may have had never occur in your life.

          May you be assaulte

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