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Journal Philip K Dickhead's Journal: NSA creating spy system to monitor "domestic infrastructure" 3

The WSJ is reporting on an $100M NSA program "to detect cyber assaults on private companies and government agencies running such critical infrastructure as the electricity grid and nuclear-power plants." All of which sound nice enough, if one does not become critically focused on the name they chose for this effort: 'Perfect Citizen'. Releasing this to the WSJ has the appearance of PR cover for the expansion of both warrantless surveillance and the intrusion of the NSA into a theatre of domestic operations.
Ratheon, the NSA contractor charged with realizing the NSA vision for the 'Perfect Citizen' program openly called this the "Big Brother" system, in internal communications.

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NSA creating spy system to monitor "domestic infrastructure"

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  • That such a system hasn't been in place since the 1970s...

    • They work on the strategy of "fear and despair".

      "Fear" works for some, and is effective for obvious reasons.

      The "despair" part is for the thinking individuals. The powers-that-be are pretty good at that by now... putting "in your face" proposals such as this up. They want you to think that all is lost, that the fight is over, that if they can do stuff like this, in plain view of everyone and get away with it, that there is nothing they can't do. That's also an effective strategy.

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