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Journal wowbagger's Journal: Gidions, LDS - so what science books are in hotels? 12

Over the years, I've done a lot of traveling, and stayed in many hotels, from hole-in-the-wall to posh^2. Most hotel rooms will have a copy of the Bible, put there by the Gideons. Many will also have a book of Mormon, put there by the Church of Latter Day Saints. But I have *never* seen any sort of book of science and reason.

Now, I would fight to the death to support the right of the Gideons and the Mormons to put these books in the rooms - they are spending their own time and money, they are not obligating the hotel to do anything, it's free speech and it's a good thing.

But I wonder about a couple of things:
1) Why is there no organization putting a book of science out there? With all the modern-day aggressive-in-your-face atheists out there, you'd think they'd be organizing something like this.
2) Assuming such an organization occurred, what book would they put out there?

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Gidions, LDS - so what science books are in hotels?

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  • Aggressive Atheists - Funny!

    Anyway, the answer is simple: Atheists don't tithe. There is no pyramid scheme, so no pyramid.
    • "Anyway, the answer is simple: Atheists don't tithe. There is no pyramid scheme, so no pyramid."

      And that pertains to anything in this discussion other than itself how? There are plenty of organizations which are promoting rational thought, to which atheists (as well as others who wish to support rational thought) donate money. There is no reason such organizations cannot promote books in hotels just as they promote better science in schools, on television, and so on.

      Moreover, there is nothing in my post tha

      • Hey, you might be technically correct (the best kind) but the simple fact stands: Pool all of these so-called rationalist organizations' money together and you still haven't come close to one mega-church.
    • by Com2Kid ( 142006 )

      Aggressive Atheists - Funny!

      I take it you've never Penn Jillette go off on someone?

      • I take it you've never Penn Jillette go off on someone?

        Right, because the only time he goes on a rant, it's when religion's involved.
        • by Com2Kid ( 142006 )

          Genesis of Southpark Episode Go God Go []

          One of the present forms of Atheism is specifically and knowingly more in your face and direct than previous attempts of "all live in harmony."

          Heck spend some time on 4chan (or any other minimally moderated forum/message board) to see the sort of "what is wrong in the head with you religious people" type attacks that are coming from Atheists now days.

          I am not passing judgement one way or the other (at least not in this posting ;) ) but there is a more militant form of A

          • I won't disagree with you that Atheists have become more militant recently, and with good reason, but it's still a minuscule drop in the bucket compared to just one of the major faith's "aggressiveness", let alone all of them.

            I'll assume you concede my point about Jillette.

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