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Journal Orion Blastar's Journal: We were warned by books and other things

This journal is subject to Poe's Law, Godwin's Law, and many other humor devices like deadpan, dadaism, etc. Our lawyers advice you the reader not to read it, or else you wave all legal rights to sue or file criminal charges against the writer and all people involved in writing this. This applies to copy and paste skills, web robots, lawyers, pets, real robots, and any other thing that can read, copy, or scan for you or anyone else on the planet. This legal contract is good and open sourced and applies to everything the writer ever wrote or will write for as long as the world civilization still stands and the civilizations after that one as well. Read at your own risk, you were warned!

Credit should be given to Guy Montag for commenting on my past blogs. I really support and love the followers of my blog like my own brothers and sisters. I know I am not popular and most on the Internet hate me. But they say they hate me because I exist and that I speak the truth and try to enlighten them as best I can, and it conflicts with what they know from the TV shows, cartoons, video games, songs, movies, books, and everything else including public school and colleges trying to turn them into something they are not. Consider this a warning that we must take a look at what we are doing to others and the world itself and undo this stuff that we got tricked into and then and only then can we become free people and good instead of evil and selfish.

Fiction and Science Fiction authors tried to warn us but since the 1960's nobody bothers to read books anymore telling us that in the future our government becomes so corrupt that it puts Devils, Loki, and others out of business. But watch these Youtube trailers and judge for yourself:
Fiction and Science Fiction authors tried to warn us but since the 1960's nobody bothers to read books anymore telling us that in the future our government becomes so corrupt that it puts Devils, Loki, and others out of business. But watch these Youtube trailers and judge for yourself:

Fahrenheit 451


Animal Farm

Even made into a modern version Equilibrium

But no even modern versions trying to warn us people would rather see all the fight scenes than understand the warning the writer made to warn us about how corrupt our governments are getting:

Books on the New York Times bestselling list are for sheeple, zombies, vooks (crazy people that blame others for their problems) and looters (who after the government and/or economy collapse will run riots and grab as much valuable stuff as they can) and even more.

Anyone know what this is?

Anyone know it is being used on the USA, Canadian, EU, etc citizens to manipulate and control us via fear and other stuff?

Making any sense yet? Maybe these videos that governments and mega-corporations like oil and fossil fuel companies want to ban and get rid or our censor:

Is it too late to educate people, this stuff has been going on for years to brainwash, manipulate, and control the majority of the population using psychology and other stuff to change us into our animal state and selfish desires and narcissism and may very well lead to our own destruction. But what can we do, what can anyone do? Educate yourself, free your mind, resist this brainwashing, manipulation, become unselfish, become thinking about others, fight this evil that has creeped into the darkest reaches of our mind and set us against each other so those in power and mega corporations, etc can get rich off of us while we all suffer!

I've been sick and almost dying for a long time, I got really sick, but my father got sicker he got a brain tumor and had brain surgery and is recovering and my family is having a hard time with one bad thing after another. If it was not for me borrowing strength from God I'd never make it this far and be in a hospital or dead. God gave me all he did to help me survive and I believe give others this warning message.

I am going to spend as much time with my family as I can, and help my father by supporting him and visiting him as he has what Ted Kennedy had but our family is too poor to afford to help him even if the health care reform bill was passed, our family still got screwed out of benefits and nursing home stays got cut somehow even if we were promised they would not. I am not a violent man, I am a pacifist, I follow Jesus Christ and learn a few things from other places like Buddhism, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, The Rev, Dr, Martin Luther King, Jr. and others who never did anything wrong and tried to warn us about this stuff and protested with words. I am not on the left or right, nor am I part of any group like the tea baggers or tea party or whatever.

I've been trying to help educate and enlighten people to the truth. I am not a God, not Jesus Christ, not The Devil, not the Anti-Christ, not supernatural, just a man with too much pain and suffering in his life and his friends and family members suffered and are in pain too letting the rest of you know that you are not alone and maybe one day will wake up and notice the pattern of corruption and do something about it. As for me, I am too sick and too tired to do anything about it but write words protesting the injustice and evil in the world. Theist, Atheist, whatever, we are all in pain and suffering and instead of focusing on our differences we ought to focus on what we have in common and how we can become good and help each other out. But hey that is my views and opinions I could be wrong, but what if I am not wrong this time?

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We were warned by books and other things

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