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Journal Orion Blastar's Journal: The eBook scam that fooled Slashdot and most, and the rise of women in the world

This journal is subject to Poe's Law, Godwin's Law, and many other humor devices like deadpan, dadaism, etc. Our lawyers advice you the reader not to read it, or else you wave all legal rights to sue or file criminal charges against the writer and all people involved in writing this. This applies to copy and paste skills, web robots, lawyers, pets, real robots, and any other thing that can read, copy, or scan for you or anyone else on the planet.

The trolls on K5, IWETHEY, and other web sites believe stupid stuff like females, women, girls, etc are stupid, dumb, retarded, and cannot figure out how math and science work. Then they complain and whine in diaries why no woman wants to date them or even have sex with them (gee I wonder why? Common sense says this attitude and opinions and views that offend, insult, and belittle women logically would drive women away from them, but when I mention that I am accused of being retarded, gay, crazy, insane, etc and trolled and then banned for it.) So when I tell them they are wrong and also bigots and sexist, they hide my comments by zero rating them, and find some way to get any account I own as banned. This happens to me all across the Internet even by people claiming to be liberals for equal rights and such. Mostly white males and they post negative stuff about non-white people, HGLBTT people (even accusing me of being gay or the f-word used to insult gay men), religious people like Jewish people, Christians, Muslims, etc, (even when the trolls at K5 etc say stuff like Hitler had the right ideas to kill religious people via the holocaust), foreigners are evil (National Origin, part of the Civil Rights Act they claim to support but ignore), elderly need to die so they can earn more money and take their jobs, sick and disabled people like me are evolutionary failures and need to kill ourselves (if I had a nickle for every time a troll listed as a liberal told me to kill myself, I'd be richer than Bill Gates because I am mentally and physically ill), and other stuff that I figured the Neo-Nazis also believe and it lead me to a Neo-Nazi Dupe Hordes joke and parody as I stood up for the equal rights that all these trolls are violating and showed their true colors. But anyway as it keeps going on I wanted to explain how I got the way I am and how fast this stuff gets spread and how people will believe anything they are told via the Internet and how people like me try to find the truth hidden in the bias and lies and distractions like Gulf of Mexico oil spills that never get fixed by the same nation that put men on the Moon and other stuff no other nation has done, but we get an oil leak that even Jed Clampet knows how to plug and they let it go 50+ or 100+ days to distract us from the truth. Well, hey now, excuse me if I enlighten you readers of my blog a bit.

PC World, a part of a publishing company that prints books and magazines on paper, claimed it was faster to read real paper books than eBooks.

"Ah dur, uh hu, me gonna buy more paper books and not buy eBook reader because an article making the front page of Slashdot said not to do so. If it is on the Internet it must be true!" -Sheeple and Zombies who think MSNBC is not left-wing biased or think that Fox News is not right-wing biased or trolls of K5 or The Daily Kos or Red State who believe it and then write so many arguments and insults and trolls over it the comments get right shifted off most web browser windows and then get full of ASCII art and copy pasta of trolls and statements made 5 or more years ago when they run out of ideas.

Peter Faulk played a character named Columbo who was a Detective and like me very annoying but funny as well. Let me role play (acting to those of you in California and Hollywood who are not computer geeks like me and 'Weird' Al Yankovic who got skills and are champions at D&D.) here a bit to show you the truth and enlighten you as to how the Internet is used to brainwash people using science, psychology, and other stuff. This is my Slashdot response, and let us watch what replies it gets and what ratings as well.

Excuse me sir pardon me (Score:2)
by Orion Blastar (457579) writes: on Monday July 05, @01:31PM (#32801160)

did you claim to say reading eBooks takes more time than reading real books? That a company who publishes real books and magazines like PC World would conduct a scientific study they claim is unbiased even if they are in the very business that eBooks threaten to compete with and possibly shut out. That they are not doing this to manipulate, scare, or use psychological warfare/operations to get more people to avoid the eBook market and buy more of their paper based books and magazines?

If you say so sir, but me and Mrs. Columbo seem to think that scientific studies done this way by biased sources, based on history always make biased claims and just McDonald's will do a scientific study showing their food is healthy and allows one to lose weight by eating a lot of it, and Microsoft claims Linux, a competitor to Windows has more security holes and bugs in it and that so does Firefox have more bugs and security flaws than Internet Explorer that this is starting to develop into some type of pattern.

But you know sir, figures can lie, but sometimes liars figure that even a peer reviewed scientific theory proven the best way it can will fool people even if it is biased and a sockpuppet scientist or someone else rubber stamped it for money and called it a peer review, but I digress if the public ever find that out, or figures out such things happen, no public relations you can do will be able to recover from this.

Oh yeah one more question sir, if eBooks are electronic books and digital information in the same way as web sites like say Slashdot are, and other studies show that one can read web pages (digital information) faster than printed newspapers, books, and magazines and these scientific studies were done by third party neutral scientific groups with no bias and nothing to gain, why is yours right and theirs is wrong?

Oh yeah sir, I hate to keep bothering you like this, but one more thing that bugs me, maybe you can shed some light on it, there was once a scientific theory and study that said boys were smarter than girls long ago. Because of this most of western civilization considers females to be weaker, less intelligent, and not to be treated with equal rights as males are. It was peer reviewed and proven. Then later as new theories and new technology and ideas came about they found out that girls learn education differently than boys do and that they had to change the way they teach so girls can learn and reach their potential, so something that was thought to be true a long time ago and scientifically proven was later found to be flawed and wrong and in error. So education got changed to adapt to teaching girls to help them learn better and become smarter, even than most boys. That in some areas girls, women, and females in general are smarter than us males, and because of this type of stuff kept most women from entering the math and science areas which is why males had dominated them, but now due to this correction more women are getting into Math and Science areas and more women are attending colleges than men now. They didn't do the research to see how education worked that allowed boys and girls to learn and see if it was a factor. I believe using my own powers of logic deduction and detective mode, that your study used people not as smart as most on the Internet who use eBooks and thus took longer to read because they weren't computer savvy or technical enough to figure out how to use an eBook reader properly as most Slashdotters that could be used in such research may be used to find out they read eBooks faster than real books because they understand how tech works and electronic devices being the geek geniuses that we are, instead of the average person who cannot figure out what the difference between "save" and "save as" and choose RTF or Word 2002/2003 format for Office 2007/2010 to share documents with older versions of MS-Office and non-Windows machines that cannot read such files. These seem to be the people, and mostly men, who cannot learn how to operate an eBook reader faster than reading a book. But tech savvy women just might be able to read an eBook faster than a real book and let's see how fast they read this blog verses a real book, eh? :)
Remember, Slashdot does not have a -1 disagree moderation, and no, troll, flamebait, and overrated are not substitutes.


Wow wall of text, right? Maybe I should make this into a book or something, eh? Oops, I cannot as John Swift my friend already covers it and this blog is made to cover the same problem in different ways and give research and analysis to help him write the book better by citing my words and this blog. :)

Women of the world, I and others like me know how smart and talented and intelligent you really are. I believe in equal rights for all, unlike some who say that and you can tell by their words and actions they clearly do not and instead believe the Animal Farm based "All people are equal, some people are more equal than others."

I for one as a heterosexual male space pirate ninja from the future schizoaffective computer geek/nerd genius who admits my own wife is smarter than me and believe in empowering women and others to make their own decisions and be free as anyone else, would like to welcome our new female overladies as one day they pass us men (we may be evolved but are still cavemen in many ways or as Jeffery Jenna once joked "All Men Are Idiots And I Am Their King" long long time ago in a Funny Bone far far away from Ohio.) in intelligence and other areas and take over the world and fix everything that we men ruined, broke, destroyed, or messed up in some way.

Women are our future, as we men seem to be defective in some way, shape, or form and find ways to win Darwin Awards or do suicide or do stupid stuff to die earlier. Those of us who are smarter men aka computer geeks smart enough to see women as equal to us in rights and respect them as equals and see their potential to be better than most of us men, want to thank the women in our lives for being mothers (esp single mothers the government refuses to help and slip through the cracks of our system and have sick children that need medical help), girlfriends, sisters, cousins, wives, friends, pen pals, coworkers, managers, teachers, tutors, doctors, lawyers, police officers, fire fighters, nurses, volunteers, pirates, ninjas, martial artists, artists, entertainers, singers, writers, bloggers, nuns and other holy women, etc that have helped us grow in some way and become better off for it. For we few men do not treat women as sex objects or inferior, but as equals and better than us in some ways, and the reason that we have not died because as angels and stuff they protect us from ourselves because they are smarter than us in ways we are not. :)

Besides what man does not want to be ruled by a group of Amazon Women like Wonder Woman and others best Woman Woman I knew was Linda Carter. All the male super hero movies have been made, but finally a movie about a woman super heroine is ready to be released. Wonder Woman is as powerful as Superman, but smarter, and has a magic lasso that can get anyone to tell the truth. Most real women I know in real life can tell when a man lies or tells the truth without a magic lasso, but oh well. :) Others include Catwoman She Hulk and Sarah Connor or even Tinkerbell and many others like Charlie's Angels or even my own Sister from a parallel universe named Eris Blastar who is as real as imaginary numbers are real in Math and the Python Language (square root of -1, look it up!) like a Dark Angel of some sort:), and Olivia Dunham from 'Fringe' knows about parallel universes and her counterpart in them as well or Pat Benatar claiming advertising, songs, movies, tv shows etc should stop using Sex as a Weapon. Look at Xena verses Ares God of War! Even if there is a problem with aliens just ask Ripley for help believe it or not. How about Star Trek and Captain Janeway or The Female Borg Seven of Nine or Star Trek's Vulcan Women. Hey help me out here by posting a comment linking to more super heroines or heroines or real or fictional women that often get overlooked but most women relate to in some way and use as a BBS or Internet handle or user name or email address to show that what people can expect from them and how diverse, smart, strong, loving, intelligent, wise, etc they are.

Who is the best and most powerful and smart super heroine of all time? God's Mother and also our spiritual mother no woman can top the woman who not only gave birth to Jesus the son of God and Messiah, and also raised him right and taught him how to be smart, brave, kind, compassionate, and paid money to have him taught from the best teachers as well as home-school him and teach him stuff teachers don't even know. She is the perfect woman who gave birth to the perfect son and as close to a feminine form of God as one can get. One theory is that she is the feminine form of God and like Jesus was born of a virgin birth. When God the Father chooses someone to come to Earth and warn us the Holy Mother Mary does it.

A woman friend of mine my wife and I met while shopping today told me to try and keep quiet that women are smarter than men, some men not as enlightened or evolved as me, cannot comprehend such things and it only makes them upset. BTW my wife and I have an anniversary today of our wedding, so I thought I'd say nice things about women like my wife who is a heroine, angel, and smarter than me and without her, I'd be dead or homeless. My friend my wife and I met, her husband and her have an anniversary tomorrow but I won't mention their names. So let's keep this secret about how much smarter women are than men a secret from the devolved men that try to dominate women and those they seem to think of via being weaker, inferior, dumber, etc because tearing others down like that makes them feel better for their shortcomings and psychological projection forces them to accuse others of having things they suffer from, and they are sophists anyway in the modern and not classic sense and do ruin web sites, economies, lives, careers, and etc. That PC World used men like that dumb enough to not operate an eBook reader fast enough to read faster than a real book.

Why are women so important that I write to include them in with eBook readers, math, science, etc? Well the US economy was getting out of the Great Depression and Word War II happened and as the men fought the Axis Powers the US Women went to work and did things better, faster, smarter than most men and that is what improved our economy. But notice the third would nations that suppress women and treat them as inferior and property and third class citizens have really bad economies. So basically unless you give women equal rights and equal pay, your economy is going to suffer they need an education as well and eBook readers may be the cheapest way to do that as books make education more affordable in eBook format. Catching on? If you hold women back, you also hold back our economy and everything else. The same with other groups of people by race, religion and non-religion, color of skin, national origin, creed, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, etc. Heck if robots and space aliens existed I'd give them equal rights as well. :) Yes in order to fix this economy we need to educate people and make them work better, faster, and smarter with better quality control and train them for several different jobs at each company so we can move them around without downsizing them, etc. More on this later in another blog.

As "The Old Boy's Network" gets older and gets more corrupt and ruins governments and economies of the world, we will no longer have a male dominated world that keeps females down, and females will rise up to be our equals to help us become better and work together to fix everything like equals. What does this have to do with eBooks and how fast we can read them? Well they tend to have forgotten that women buy eBooks too and overlook that market and thus made the same mistake men as scientists made long ago to do a biased scientific study. Anyone can use eBook readers not just men and not just a few groups but everyone on the planet. Let us join The Resistance In the information war New Codes must be Devised Knowledge is power by Anterior, 1989. I'm the Neuromancer and I'm trancing. But I am also accused of being a Power Junkie. :) But has anyone ever heard Ezekiel 25:17? or heard that Jesus claimed not to bring peace to Earth but a sword?

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The eBook scam that fooled Slashdot and most, and the rise of women in the world

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