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Journal wowbagger's Journal: DailyKos defending the 2nd Amendment!!?! When did I enter BizzaroWorld? 5

In this posting on DailyKos they make the very blunt point that Liberals SHOULD be supportive of the Second Amendment. Of course, back home in my world, that is about as likely as tom cats volunteering for neutering.

I will say this: while I usually disagree with much of what DailyKos publishes, I have respected, and do respect the fact that they are quite open about their biases and beliefs - I'd far rather deal with somebody I *know* has a bias than somebody who tries to bullshit me about being "fair". And their recent handling of the polling scandal was refreshing - too many entities (on BOTH the radical right and the radical left!) would have whipped out the old Dustbuster and started sweeping that under the rug at the first opportunity.

So, on this day off, in celebration and remembrance of our hard-won freedoms in this country, I salute you, DailyKos - while I may disagree with much of what you say, I shall fight to the death if needed to protect your right to say it - and I am glad you (or at least some of you) feel the same!.

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DailyKos defending the 2nd Amendment!!?! When did I enter BizzaroWorld?

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  • Yep, us liberal weenies value gun control quite a bit lower than you've been led to believe.

    Sadly, money in politics is just as tightly a guarded perk. Oh well!
  • You'd think that 8 years of the chimp and company would have gotten dems/liberals hip to the fact that a rogue government could go absolutely nutz..and that they might need some protection.

    You'd also think that..say..noticing that one of the bluest of blue cities-chicago-has like five times the violence than the entire mostly red state of georgia has, with much less restrictive gun laws, might have started to sink in by now. We just don't get that level of random mass shooting, the perps would get peppered

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