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Journal AHuxley's Journal: Legality of Oz net filter trials?

An Australia network engineer Mark Newton has been asking about the intercepted customers' internet traffic aspect of the Australian filter trial. Australia seems to be using a Marshall R3000 series for web monitoring, filtering and reporting.
This may breached section 7(1)(b) of the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979. by "authorising, suffering or permitting said equipment to be used in that manner".
""A copy of every single packet of data generated by an end user and sent to the internet is supplied to a network switch's 'mirrored port' and forwarded to whatever device is connected to it," Newton told the department. "Although the vendor makes the unverified claim that the R3000 only 'inspects' outgoing web requests and, in those requests, only examines destination URLs, a complete transcript of all internet data is nevertheless supplied to the R3000 for monitoring."
" The department continues to believe its internet filtering live trials had not breached the Act.
More on the filter trail tech used in Australia
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Legality of Oz net filter trials?

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