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Journal KshGoddess's Journal: 2 more weeks of hell. 8

I gave my notice for the contracting company. I'm going back into NMS with a passion that can't be denied.

Just 2 more weeks of waking up when other people are coming home from work.

Just 2 more weeks until I can take the dog to the dog park after work, or go to the normal park with her on her leash (we're right near Chatfield, and they have a great dog park, I've been told.

Just. 2. more. weeks.

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2 more weeks of hell.

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  • 10 days or 14?

    Be brave little one, you've made it this far. Here's, and cheers, to your future.

    • my last night is the 12th. I start new job on the 14th. the 13th is gonna suck, but I DON'T CARE. I get to work days again. I get to have a life again.

      I get to not wake up, go to work, come home, sleep.

      I get to get out in the sunlight and take photographs in my downtime. Probably of bunnies for a while, since the place we're living is overrun with the adorable grey furry things.

      • Glad you're getting to make a positive change. As for getting a chance to take pics again, you might want to check this out: The Daily Shoot [dailyshoot.com]. It's pretty cool.

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