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Journal GeckoFood's Journal: [geek] The final nail in the Windows coffin 6

I finally abandoned my email client last night. I have been using Pegasus, which is a very nice freeware client for Windows, and I have amassed a good store of emails in the database. It appeared to run fine under Wine, but I was wrong. Wine unceremoniously shuts it down every time I send a new message. Can't have that.

I looked at several replacement clients and finally settled on Evolution. It is not ideal, but it works well enough. I tried Sylpheed at the suggestion of jawtheshark but it's a little too minimalistic for my tastes.

The tether has been cut. Windows is still loaded on my other hard drive, but there's little motivation to go there now except when there are data files that I need to pull over, and that's happening less and less.

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[geek] The final nail in the Windows coffin

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  • Don't have anything else to offer, but nicely done!
  • ... I need to migrate to FreeBSD to continue to feel smug. Well, I run OpenBSD on my server, that's got to do for the moment :-P

    (In other words: Congratulations and welcome to the Penguins nest).

    • A friend of mine has been trying to talk me into FreeBSD for years. Looking at benchmark results on various aspects of the system, Linux and FreeBSD each have strengths compared to one another. But I think I am more likely to find Linux support if I encounter a big problem that I cannot resolve on my own.

      (And, shhhhh... Don't tell anyone, but I secretly hope that OS/2 makes a comeback someday...)

      • And, shhhhh... Don't tell anyone, but I secretly hope that OS/2 makes a comeback someday...

        That makes two of us! Let's find two more and we can play a game of Bridge.

        • The funny part of your comment is that I used to play bridge and even have a trophy from the last tournament I played in.

          • I don't play bridge. It just happens to the the only card game where I know the where the player count is fixed. (I originally wanted to say 'Poker', but technically you can do that even with two...)

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