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Journal zogger's Journal: pirates 6

Closer pirate action

And by all means, let us have the feds and fearless leader continue to dump on Arizona, to protect this sort of action. I mean, those are just poor unfortunate pirates who just need jobs, the jobs gringoes won't take..or something like that.

    I mean I didn't really realize that folks down there in Texas refused to take the pirate jobs, maybe it doesn't pay well or something, so we must import "guest workers" to fill those slots. We should offer them nice benefits and retirement packages as well..and instant drivers licenses, any name they want, low interest loans-scratch- outright grants to get better new pirate boats, free healthcare, personal translation services so they can apply for more government help, and subsidized more modern and lethal weaponry. They need decent tools for their jobs. Someone has to protect us from those dangerous bass fishing terrorists!

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  • This is people acting like crooks. It has nothing to do with "race", nationality, or ethnic group. If we banned every ethnic group that has some members who are crooks and thugs, the US would be barren of all human life.

    And if every country were to do that ...

    • oh yes, I'm sorry..misread the article. They must be Latvians then...with very calm peaceful non violent culture.

      I'll get to the point: I am NOT a racist but I am for damn sure a "culturalist". Some cultures are most tolerable and understandable, others *are not* and I care not a whit about skin color. I went through those civil rights days long ago for a reason, but that don't mean I have to like violent -holes and the culture that breeds them either.

      This isn't isolated, similar events types, bad violent c

      • If you really want to talk about a culture of violence, look at what passes for "entertainment" in the US. Pretty bad when the average kid sees 18,000 murders (now in HD!!!) by the time they finish high school.

        It's okay to sho people getting hacked up in so many different ways, and to export it as "entertainment."

        Murder should not be a staple of entertainment, but you wouldn't know it from a look at your local TV listings.

        Go watch someone being violently killed in real life, and you'll probably end up

    • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

      It has nothing to do with "race", nationality, or ethnic group.

      If you REFA you'll see that it in fact does; the pirates are Mexican nationals. That doesn't mean that all Mexicans are crooks, or that all crooks are Mexicans, but it does say all the pirates on that lake are Mexican.

  • Would be to boycott all South Texas Bass Tournaments until this issue is resolved.

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