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Journal GeckoFood's Journal: [geek] Long live the king 14

It is official - no more Windows. Running Scientific Linux 5.5, I now have everything I want on my Linux install to the point that I no longer have a need for Windows to be loaded.

I have one and only one Windows app that I need, and that's Pegasus mail. I would switch, but I have enough emails in the database that I don't want to abandon the application and start clean. Pegasus runs fine under wine, so it's done and done. I have already moved it over and have pulled mail with it, demonstrating its usefulness. Between OpenOffice and SoftMaker Office 2010, I have enough support for MS Office formats that I can - and have - cut the cord.

There's a new sheriff in Gecko's town.

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[geek] Long live the king

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  • SimplyMEPIS over here...
    • by FroMan ( 111520 )

      I've never heard of mepis. What is the claim to fame?

      • It's basically an easy to install Debian. A while ago they added support for Ubuntu repositories as well.

        It also serves as a live CD ala Knoppix so it's a useful system recovery disk as well.
        • by FroMan ( 111520 )

          The website is slow/dead. Do they do flash/java/other non-open source software?

          • Yes, all of the above.
            • On an completely unrelated note... Am I the only one who still uses a prefix in brackets on my JE titles? I remember you came up with the idea some time ago and I have been doing it ever since. I haven't seen anyone else do it in a while.

              • You might be. I haven't been paying much attention to slashdot for a long while, I just haven't had much time - and when I do write something, I put it up on
  • Glad to hear you've got it completed. Thanks again for documenting it, too!
  • Just saying []. Worth a read too. [] Every normal email client understands the mbox format.

    The other "trick" (most useful when coming from Outlook), is setting up an IMAP server, copying all the mail from your old mail client to that IMAP server and then copying it with the new client from that IMAP server. Cumbersome, but it works.
    • Hmm. I will have to see how this goes. For now I am content running Pegasus, but a native solution would definitely be nice. Too bad there's no Pegasus for Linux. :-/

      • What does Pegasus have that is so special? I have used many many many email clients, ranging from Eudora over Sylpheed to Thunderbird and Outlook (Which is a nightmare when using with a non-Exchange server)

        I dislike the new Thunderbird 3 interface, but I'm slowly getting used to it.

        • Pegasus' biggest plus is that I am very used to it. It is not a particularly outstanding email client, and it does have a couple of odd quirks, but it works for me. I have used it for a while now, after finally giving up on a shareware client I had used for years. I don't like the idea of changing again but would have done it if Pegasus didn't work under wine.

          I don't like Thunderbird at all. It works well enough and I can see why most people are satisfied with it, but it doesn't appeal to me in the least.

          • Well, depending on which version of Thunderbird you dislike, you might like version 3.

            Alternatively, you might like Sylpheed [], which I used back in 2000 when I started using Linux "for real". Back in the day I used a P120 laptop with 32MB RAM and even for Linux that was on the low end. Worked just fine using Opera, Sylpheed and WindowMaker.

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