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Journal hkmwbz's Journal: Global warming denialists organizing downmodding campaigns 3

I have recently had dozens of comments in a row moderated down after I participated in discussions about global warming, and replied to denialist comments. This has happened several times, so it seems that there is an organized effort to remove facts from the public eye, much like religious zealots have done throughout history.

I'm not just getting a couple of down-mods here and there, but each mail about moderation contains multiple down-mods in a row.

It's a bit like the organized efforts by the entertainment industry, companies like Microsoft, etc. in the past. Almost as if mod points are for sale.

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Global warming denialists organizing downmodding campaigns

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  • You post too much (Score:3, Insightful)

    by huckamania ( 533052 ) on Monday May 24, 2010 @11:22AM (#32323840) Journal

    Too many of your posts sound like the Argument sketch from Monty Python. It's a bunch of quotes with you replying No.

    Try having an argument. Try to refute the arguments of others without posting a link. Not everything on the web is true and not every link actually goes to a reputable site.

    I didn't see very many of your arguments moderated in any direction. Post an example that shows your post getting moderated higher, which is then moderated down.

  • Even in your whining journal, you sound like a one-sided mindless bigot. You assume that the "deniers" are akin to medieval zealots. Somehow I think that if you weren't drinking at the global warming/cooling/ending/whatever coolaid and/or worshipping at the religion of environmentalism you'd start to look at the other side of the issue. Because then you'd realize that at the very least the case is not closed.

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