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Journal zogger's Journal: oil slick extrapolation/ more 2

OK, it is pretty bad now, but just suppose..there's nothing they can do about it, and it keeps leaking forever until it runs out. We need to know how much is in that field and estimated recoverable amounts, but my guess is, and it is a total guess, enough to kill the gulf of mexico pretty much once it spreads out all over, which it would. This is also going to put the kabosh and much more offshore drilling for quite awhile.

And here's another thing...I haven't seen any reason for the explosion/fire. How come no one is speculating on a deliberate attack yet? Why is this *crickets* in this day and age? OK, I just did, as a possibility. Maybe not probable, but a possibility.

OK, more links size of the spill

Maybe it is Halliburton's fault

^^^^ that one sure seemed to take a little while to come out, didn't it? I think there's another example of a corporation that is just too big to exist. They have been implicated in just tons of bogus corporate activities and bogus competence in a lot of their endeavors.

With that said, where are the oil sucker ships/tankers? Seems like they could have something like a long pipe they could maneuver down close and just start sucking the oil from as close to the leak point as possible, then load tankers with it and take it directly to a specialized refinery that could deal with salt water contaminated oil easier (they have to do that with our strategic reserve oil anyway, because it is stashed in old salt mines, and that refinery is down in Louisiana IIRC). Then there needs to be a way to quickly separate oil from seawater and put the water back in the ocean, perhaps with a big centrifuge like device? They have something like this on some diesel air intakes, a spinning fan that shoots the heavier dust and dirt off to the side and out and away before it hits the filter.

My guess is, this will wipe out gulf fishing for a long time though. Might be a good time to throw some shrimp, etc in the freezer.

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oil slick extrapolation/ more

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  • According to even the best estimates it will not be long before the spill will reach the Gulf stream and start washing up on my front door. Since we only just seem to be seeing recovery from the effects of the 2004 hurricane season, this is some very sad news.

    • I've read a little that if the capping activities fail, and the blowout goes extreme, once the pipe further deteriorates, which it is, and if the entire mother load in the pool could wipe out the oceans. Oil slick the oceans, kill off a lot of the surface plankton and algae, where we get the bulk of our oxygen and stuff.... I am not going to link to anything until I see some better and more credible sources though. Can't even find an honest estimate of that pool deep underground but it might be

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