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Journal wowbagger's Journal: Givafuconium 3

Givafuconium - a rare material, which is used by the human brain to scavenge and remove bullshit from external sources. As givafuconium is depleted, the subject becomes increasingly agitated and irritable. There are only a few methods to restore normal levels, such as vacation time, however, with proper management (removal of sources of depletion) a normal human can survive for months without external replenishment.

Givafuconium also decays naturally, and over time an individual's ability to store it is reduced - explaining the YKGOML ("You Kids! Get Off My Lawn!") syndrome.

Unfortunately, of late I have a few cow-orkers who have been seriously depleting my stores of givafuconium, and with the upcoming elections here in the US, I fear my supply may be too low.

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  • Politics and religion at work are always a bad idea. I found that out several times now, so, mostly, I never discuss those things in meatspace around here. I would just avoid those issues, keep it light, weather, local sports, job related tech issues, whatever. Then you can turn it around at work, if *you* avoid those issues, then if people keep haranguing you, you look like joe reasonable and can complain about "harassment at work" and have a legit case.

    • No, the issues are most directly work related - these individuals keep wanting to make design changes in ways I don't approve - and since I am the technical lead, while I will certainly listen to their requests and evaluate them, I make the final decision. Unfortunately, even after I point out why the changes aren't a good idea, or after I ask them to justify the change by showing how what currently exists won't do what they need (and they fail to do so), then they continue.

      It's that the drain at work on my

  • Why do you hate the letter K? It's comedy's favourite letter.

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