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Journal bill_mcgonigle's Journal: Idle Friends Purge 6

I'm removing non-fan friends who haven't posted in two years since I'm at my limit and I use friends to game the scoring system to see more interesting posts.

Any of you who have been discontinued - send me a note if you start posting again and I'd be happy to re-friend you.

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Idle Friends Purge

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  • I've run into the same issue. For a system the size of Slashdot there are way too few fans allowed.

    Time to start clearing out the list ...

    • If you don't already subscribe, you should, it doubles the friends count from 200 to 400, which makes reading far more interesting (assuming you score up your friends and set up a high threshold). Knowing the rules lets you stretch a $5 subscription over many, many years.

      Now if only there was a 'last comment date' column on the friends list I wouldn't need to open 400 tabs...

  • I hit the 200 limit a while back when three people fanned me and I tried to friend them, and journaled about it. Some kind soul (probably either a slashdot editor that likes my journals or one of the new fans) bought me a subscription. The limit for non-subscribers is 200, double that for subscribers. Maybe someone will be so kind to you as well.

  • I luckely have a subscription.
    I only have a few ad-free views left and can't renew since it needs Paypal which itself wants my phone number.
    I think there is a bug in the 'plum' part.
    I don't know if the 400 friend limit is a plum but I seem to have it even though I have ads enabled.

    It's funny that your last journal is almost 3 years ago.

    You can always create another logon person, friend him, and use him to friend less used others.

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