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Journal Concern's Journal: Acorn - Framed 1


Any responses from the Conservative side of the house?

Breitbart concocting a video hoax, that's ordinary enough. But Fox News picking it up and running with it - that looks like one of the biggest stories of the year to me.

Litmus test on whether we have any hope as a nation: will the hoax become a bigger story than Acorn itself? Or does this trick now work, even when exposed?

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Acorn - Framed

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  • The old memes, while still mostly operational, don't seem to have the same pull they once did. Whether it's the internet, or repeating stupid shit over and over again when the reality presents otherwise, I don't know.

    The Golden Rule is, however, still very strongly in effect. Some things don't change.

The bogosity meter just pegged.