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Journal Orion Blastar's Journal: Solving the software problem

Michael David Crawford has been harassed, cyberbullied, trolled, defamed, etc for the last time. Now it is time to tell the truth.

Here is the IP address to his web server:

Coming soon to this web server:

Announced in this Kuro5hin diary:

Now I was an active and good standing user at Kuro5hin until recently. I was defending Michael from the trolls there who wrote "Ogg Frog Magazine" and set up fake web sites trying to defame Michael Crawford. I got anonymized for my efforts of telling the trolls not to do that. So now I am writing this blog to tell the truth about it all.

I tried to protect you and defend you from the trolls and even draw their fire from you to me.

But if Rusty is going to cave into the trolls every single time and not even anonymoize them as they do worse stuff than I am accused of doing, then Kuro5hin is going to hell and will only get worse until this anti-crawford dupe hordes troll issue is resolved. Rusty has to grow some big stones and then anonymize the dupe horde trolls, you and I both know who they are and why they deserve it.

Now I don't want a war with Rusty, so I forgive him. But I do want a refund and an apology. If Rusty even bothered to send me an email none of this would have happened so the fault and responsibility is on him as he could have stopped this.

Use this for your PRQ web site:

See if you can get the real names of the trolls that way, see if Rusty will give you them and the IP logs for free. Apparently he likes you more than me, he apparently hates me for some reason. I don't hate him, but I can never understand why he lets these trolls take control of Kuro5hin and himself that way. If I was Rusty, I'd permaban those trolls and anonymize any account they create and refund their money via Paypal and say "Don't bother coming back" and have Paypal block their attempts to buy new accounts.

For the anti-crawford dupe horde trolls this was a Pyrrhic victory at best. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyrrhic_victory

Update: I got a refund for at least two of the accounts. I think the third one is still pending. So I am alright with Rusty and Kuro5hin, no harm no foul, no court cases. :) The trolls on the other hand are in serious trouble.

Update: I got the third account refunded as well. Thank you very much for the quick refunds, Rusty!


What the trolls are doing is considered hacking, harassment, cyberbullying, and cyberterrorism according to the US Patriot Act, Rusty should by his own FAQ report such activities to the FBI as he advertises. Why he does not, I am not so sure.

But as a thank you to Rusty and you later, I will buy more ads if anonymized accounts are allowed to do that, if not then I'll buy a $5 account and buy ads with that and stop from posting diaries and comments and rating and the like, then there is no reason to anonymize such an account and the trolls cannot do anything about it. None of my comments nor diaries was reason to anonymize any account and the trolls post and write even worse than I am accused of doing, why don't you crack down on that stuff Rusty? I'll never know. But I will buy some ads later. That way I can fully 100% support Rusty and Kuro5hin, and promote your web sites, including that PRQ web site. Hey I might even buy a Google Adsense ad for that new PRQ web site you are building provide you give me the URL. Heh!

Tell Rusty I forgive him and accept his refunds and apology, he is a real nice guy for doing that.

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Solving the software problem

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