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Journal Orion Blastar's Journal: If the New World Order exists then it must really stink on ice to be them!

I don't care what the New World Order conspiracy theory is, I want to stop it very badly, discover a new renewable energy source, get off of all fossil fuels, reverse global warming, end peak oil, and stop this political corruption of natural science and reform it.

Now I have this plan, but I got a few friends working on it with me. I cannot reveal the details here, but if you send me an email I'll be more than glad to clue you in.

In a nutshell we are developing software in a brand new programming language to search Internet databases of every scientific theory ever made, then it will check all math formulas, equations, and examine every statistics and find any possible errors, mistakes, or just plain fraud. It would be the first low AI fuzzy logic peer reviewing program under an open source language ever developed if we are successful at it. I have no idea if these theories of mine work or not, or if any of this is possible to do yet.

But I can tell you and promise you that if this is successful, and we find suspect scientists that may have links to this group, we can compile a list of suspect scientists and then have the authorities follow the money to whomever is funding them. I have a theory who is behind it, and maybe you will agree with me if we talk about it later in email if I discover any success at this. It might take years to invent or code, but if we get it working it will make every program I told anyone that I wrote and then lost via a USB and laptop hard drive crash to shame, and will be not only my life's work but finish what Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking and others could not even figure out. Maybe we can find that Higgs boson, dark matter, dark energy if my theories are proven correct in any part. Yes if successful in some unknown amount of time we should figure out the grand unified theory or theory of everything. But first we need to weed out the deadwood that has stopped scientific progress and technological progress for the past 100 years or so. Once very verify the true theories and then debunk the fudged ones, we will have a much better chance at developing new and better theories to figure out more stuff later and maybe even prove this stuff they couldn't figure out. This will be basically a Six Sigma quality control check if you know what that is, please agree with me on it.

Oh yeah might even prove the existence of God in the process, whomever he might turn out to be. I am not sure about that one, but it would be fun if we could work that out as well. :)

Now this is the best way to prove or disprove anything. If a New World Order or One World Order or whatever really does exist, then this process which will be peer reviewed and I may have to take it to a few universities to do that with scientists who aren't corrupted by it but want to reform the system. We either flush these evil people out into the public's eye and we the people demand our governments do something about them or we reform a new government after the big collapse everyone keeps talking about and fight them everywhere, or we expose this conspiracy theory as a fraud that it is and show that no fossil fuel company or business man has fudged results of any scientific theory.

If I can get these theories to work, no doubt I'll make myself a target, but I have a plan for that as well. The New World Order if it exists then did all of this stuff to me, ruined my career, made me mentally and physically ill so I could not do this sort of thing to expose them, because if they exist they knew my potential to expose them as frauds all along and if that is true, even sick and on disability, as a modern pirate I am tough enough to fight back for freedom and rights of every free person in the world. These Bozos had greatly underestimated the potential of one of the greatest minds since John Forbes Nash Jr. and since they did this to me, it would be my pleasure and honor to expose them to the world once and for all and foil everything they worked on and bring about the true hope and change that politicians always promise but never deliver on.

Republicans and Democrats better back me on this one, or else I will reveal their funding from lobbyists when the software is modified to examine campaign contributions databases and other stuff later. Muahahahaahh! Then I will end political corruption as well and deal the final blow to this New World Order and take on the banks and terrorist networks after that. Once my software program can check bank account and funding databases we can see who funds the banks and terrorist networks to prove if the fossil fuel companies and businessmen are really behind it. They can run all they want to China, but they won't be able to hide the trail of money to their flunkies and corrupt scientists and politicians who can cop a plea bargain to testify against their masters.

Oh yeah if the news says I killed myself or died in an accident, then the NWO got to me and you all are my witnesses for that. As I can promise you that my suicidal thoughts are gone and I'll never be that way again thanks to Thai Buddhist Meditation, etc. Plus I take all safety precautions and don't take any risks as some people do as I like to play it safe, even staying away from cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol. I exercise more now and might regain a bit of my health to do this on a non-profit volunteer part-time basis as a hobby to stay on disability and yet get stuff done slowly so they cannot stop me at this. I am doing this for fun and passion not profit. I am doing this to help people and save humanity and fight evil where ever it happens to exist.

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If the New World Order exists then it must really stink on ice to be them!

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