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Journal ThePhilips's Journal: More choice is less? PC market, I'm looking at you! 2

Interview with Barry Schwartz on Colbert Report, where he "explains why people are paralyzed with indecision when they're offered too many choices."

In a way, an eye opener. I started scratching my back trying to recall when/why that happened to me. Because I had immediately the feeling that it had been happening to me more than often. And then I have recalled.

Buying the computers and PC parts.

Why I bought an Apple MacBook? Because I spent too much time trying to configure a perfect notebook for myself from HP and Lenovo. Way too many choices. Impossible to pick one. Went to the online Apple store: two product lines (plain v. pro) further differentiated by a screen size. Input screen size, input amount of money one's ready to spend - and you get the deal.

Building a desktop was similar experience. Went with cheapest (of recently released) dual-core AMD because figuring out best deal on more expensive Intel CPUs started slowly driving me nuts.

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More choice is less? PC market, I'm looking at you!

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  • Your technological ignorance does not necessarily indicate a problem with the technology markets. Your inability to decide what you want does not necessarily indicate a problem with a wide variety of choices.

    It sounds more like a personal problem than anything else.

  • I've not experienced that problem, honestly. As for the 'less technically oriented' parts of my family, they tend to focus on what looks better and best in size than memory, CPU speed.

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