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Journal JWSmythe's Journal: My stupid purchase of the month 4

Sometimes, when I have a couple extra pennies, I buy something that just feels good to get, that is completely worthless. I'm no shopaholic, so these are usually simple things.

    I was at CompUSA and found that they had glowing keyboard stickers. Like, stickers to put over each letter, that will glow in the dark.

    I should explain, I've been touch typing for over 20 years, and can usually get 100wpm with 0 errors on most typing tests. I only slow down by thinking. People have watched me programming, typing emails or journal entries like this. A few have commented on it. I'll blaze through lines as fast as they can read, but I'll pause at spoken pauses (ummm, like commas), and when I'm thinking of what to say next.

    At home, I'm usually typing in the dark, with just the light of my monitor, and possibly a TV.

    So I got the yellow stickers (thanks everyone for asking). My shells are green or yellow text on a black background. It's enough to drive most people nuts, if they try to keep up with all my terminals. It's not usually hard. One running top. one tailing the log of most interest. one editing code, and executing it. I may have one with a man page up, and another logged into another machine to reference old code. Add one for a web browser for my email, and another for looking up something specific. So the browsers aren't green on black (except my themed gmail account is pretty close).

    I got glow in the dark bling for my keyboard. :) Ok, I'm easily entertained.

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My stupid purchase of the month

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  • Maybe I should get these too. If only to replace the letters which have been worn off by use on my desktop keyboard. I didn't realize how bad it was until I was fixing a neighbor's computer and asked them to type in their password. Poor guy looked like a deer in headlights as he tried to hunt and peck.

    • Haha. I used to do that to people all the time. I learned to type on a mechanical typewriter (like, before electric typewriters were invented), so I typed really hard. I finally got myself out of that habit (mostly), so now I breeze along on keyboards. It's not rare that quite a few keys are work down, and there's a smooth spot on the spacebar, only where I hit it.

      Actually, the keyboard I'm using is fairly new, and there's one spot on the spacebar, about 1 inch wide, where

  • For real entertainment, rewire all your keys into bongos using accelerometers and adjust the threshold to avoid accidental keystrokes!
  • What would be cool are stick on Klingon letters...err..symbols..whatever, or at least look like it.

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