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Journal npsimons's Journal: Dear slashdot 3

The foe/friend limit is ridiculous, even with subscription. 400 friends/foes is simply not enough to foe all the people who post baseless assertions and get modded to +5, and simultaneously friend people who who get modded troll for posting an informative link that blows the moderators' beliefs out of the water. Pls fx, kthxbye.

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Dear slashdot

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  • by zogger ( 617870 )

    Why foe really? You can just ignore people you don't like, or their comments, or add a reply to what you think is a retardo comment, or moderate there or whatever. Use your allotment to only friend, then you can get access to more journals hitting your messages. Personally I think the journals are worth more on slashdot than the articles most of the time.

    Now what I think needs fixing more is the meta moderation system. I'd like the old style back. The new style..I can't see the point, I stopped meta modding

  • ... I could have sworn there were settings somewhere for friend-of-a-friend posts, whereby you could create sockpuppets, friend them, and then have the sockpuppets friend your friends.

    But now I can't find the post scoring settings anywhere.

    • by Qzukk ( 229616 )

      Oh wait, found it, it's the [?] block on the Help and Account page next to "Discussions". You can't left click on it though, the javascript on the block opens "help" for the Discussions setting, but if you middle click or copy the link, you can get to []
      Where you can set the score modifiers for friends and foes and whatnot.

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