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Journal wowbagger's Journal: Submission: Exporting a display to an MPEG stream? on 0 4

Per my usual, since I have had a temporary lapse of judgement and attempted to submit a story to /., I will post it here, as I doubt it would otherwise see the light of day:

  wowbagger writes "Has anybody ever heard of a VNC-like tool that, instead of exporting to Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol or VNC, exports the display to a UPnP hosted MPEG stream?

With the rising number of set top boxes/TV sets/media players that can play MPEG content from a UPnP server, a program that could scrape a display, convert it to an MPEG stream, and send it via UPnP to those devices could allow many existing devices to act as a remote display. Yes, exporting via MPEG wouldn't be as "good" as via a protocol designed for such a purpose, but unless and until you see all these devices coming with a VNC or RDP client, that option is not open.

Even better would be a program that acted like vncserver in that it would create a virtual display that persisted even when no client was connected, so that an otherwise headless server could be viewed via a set top box."

BTW - am I the only one who thinks the UI on /. has gone from bad to worse? Pretty much unusable without Javascript, who's brilliant idea was it to put the "Write in journal" at the BOTTOM of the page, etc.

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Submission: Exporting a display to an MPEG stream? on 0

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  • With whatever Microsoft's video tool chain was. It was absolutely an HORRIBLE hack though.

    So at the time I had a Matrox G400 MAX (WOOHOO!) with Dual Head outputs and an external VGA-->Video converted box, this was before every video card in the world came with the ability to output to a TV using converter cables.

    I also had a TV tuner card with composite in.

    You can see where this is going.

    So I set my Matrox to clone display mode, outputing the same signal over both VGA ports. I plugged one of the VGA po

  • There's a VNC client that produces FLV files. http://www.unixuser.org/~euske/python/vnc2flv/index.html [unixuser.org]

    From there you can convert to mpeg, but in terms of doing all this as a realtime streaming thing... that would depend.

  • http://www.ws4gl.org/ [ws4gl.org]

    I am not sure this does all of what you want but I think it does some of it but maybe not in a way you would be happy with.

    I know it can set up a stream of what is happening on your desktop as well as other stuff.

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