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Journal Alioth's Journal: What I Did on my Holidays 1


I see there is a new journal editor window. Pity it doesn't stay resized when you resize it...

Anyhow, back to the subject (with a nod to Twoflower, of Terry Pratchett's book "Interesting Times" which I'm re-reading again for the nth time...

Back in July last year I went to RetroEuskal in Bilbao, Spain (mainly to do a talk on my Spectrum ethernet card, but also just to have a bit of fun with retro machines). One of the events was a giant stop motion game of Galaxians. Well, RetroacciÃn now have made the stop motion video of the event, and you can see it here:

"For the second consecutive year we've held the "Gigantic Retrogame" event. This time, the game we chose was the classic "Galaxians" by Namco-Bandai. The company has sponsored the event and offered many prizes for the players"


(Don't panic, they titled it in English). It was very cool to be there :-)

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What I Did on my Holidays

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  • I loved to play that game when I was a teenager. There was a popular roller skating rink where I spent quite a bit of time dumping quarters into it.

    That's pretty slick.

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