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Journal KshGoddess's Journal: Ok, WTF. 21

I must be gettin' old if I can't figure out how to write in my own frickin' journal.

I know it's been... almost 3 years since I showed my text here. Let's see if I can catch y'all up.

About the time I stopped journaling, the company for which I was working cracked down on communications about the company. Feb 08 I left the company's warm embrace as they hired a "15-year windows admin" instead of either me or my co-worker who used to work for SUN to be a Solaris admin. The hubster and I were working on our business as the economy spiraled into the toilet. Short sale of the house, bought 70 acres near Rye, CO. Went to Sock Summit as vendors.

Now I'm working as a contractor at a company in north Denver. I'm going to refuse to mention which contract company or which company I'm contracted to, because I'm somewhat unimpressed by the actual work. I will mention that I hate interviewing, and I'm not cheerful enough for Apple retail. Or something. I don't know. I think I failed when I told them my "wow" moment with my mac was when I opened the terminal and found a fully functioning UNIX underneath.

Anyway, working with tech has re-kindles my sheer loathing of poorly implemented and documented tech and I thought this would be a good place to vent my rage somewhat.

--the one and only kshgoddess.

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Ok, WTF.

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  • Welcome back!

    It's been a while.

    My journals have become more tame and less frequent, but you.. I thought you fell off the face of the earth. We've missed you. Ok, I can't speak for everyone. I've missed you. Screw anyone who says otherwise. :)

    I had the same Mac "wow" moment. That quickly went away as I started spotting nonstandard locations, and then completely lost interest. Well, I contemplated for a second if I could just wipe it and put Linux on (no o

    • dude; we've got a lil' 14-foot 1969 travel trailer sitting on the land. (Ranch blergh is here [] if you want to peek.) We go down occasionally and hang out. Don't tell anyone but we have woodworking equipment in the 10x12 shed, and sometimes we let the dog run around without her leash on. (Because she's a small dog, and it's a lot of land, that's why.) We've got part of a named arroyo (Greasewood) and an unnamed arroyo, which is how we got the land so... relatively inexpensively. You could work in Pueblo or W
      • Ahhh, I'd need camo netting more brown than green. :) I thought it was more woodland out there.

        You don't have to preview. There should be a submit button on the right of the preview one.

        I still like my girls naturally female.

        I'd love to see Tesla's place there, but ... well, from memory without looking, I thought the USAF owned it now, and they used his coil for lightning testing on fighters for a while. I hadn't heard about a permanent magnetic

        • pretty sure they've torn the thing down. it was in downtown ... somewhere. wikipedia says "The lab was torn down and its contents sold to pay debts." Google led me to something that said "Apparently, the site of the lab is now a residential area. The address is the intersection of Foote and Kiowa streets. There is a historic marker dedicated to Tesla across the street from the School in Memorial Park. " I know where that is and there's sadly nothing to see. I have heard that his experiments did something
          •     I knew they tore down his New Jersey site. There was some noise a few months ago of trying to make it a historic site, but the only thing on the "site" is unkept grass. Everything else is gone. Ya know, it was all taken up to HAARP and Area 51. :)

                Weird, you must be getting the secret Slashdot 3.0. :) I just get the normal interface. Hrm.

            • I kept meaning to post about this after I learned about it from the KOA we're staying at. KOA, and other campgrounds, have programs where you can camp places and work at the campground to pay your fees. KOA calls theirs the WorkKamper program, and at the place we're staying, the wk's only have to work 20 hours a month to pay for their spot, and everything above that is paid minimum wage (for gas, food, and other necessities). Once we pay off the land, we're thinking of doing that for a year or two, as that
    • I post very, very rarely on Slashdot, average about one a day on Multiply, and probably three a week on LiveJournal.

      Still, nice to know you're alive, as far as the Internet goes...

      Hm. I've had a number of notable things happen in the last three years, but the most notable was probably the creation of Rosetta Code, which made the front page of /. about three years ago, and which is still alive, kicking, and growing stronger. As things are, I may start working on it full-time within the year.

  • Good to hear from you again! :)

    I'm not really on /. these days. Still on deviantART, and also on Facebook which is where most of my linkage and suchlike goes. :)

    Been dealing with major illness the last two years - severe joint pains, sinus congestion, temporary partial hearing loss - eventually got diagnoses with Wegener's Syndrome, and went through two rounds of mild chemo plus lots of steroids. Thankfully, I'm on the mend now, although still under review to make sure the treatment is working.


    • hopefully you'll get something ... more interesting than my assignment. :) i'm glad you got a diagnosis and a treatment; so many people I know suffer from maladies that aren't diagnosable, or have been diagnosed with different maladies every time they go the the doc. (not me, thankfully, as I'm more or less healthy (and have lost probably 20 lbs or so -- being broke and eating one meal a day will do that to ya), and without serious maladies even though swine flu has abounded in the circles of circles I fin
  • Really, we did!

    And yes, slushdot has gotten crappier with the whole Web 2.0 thing - you can see the list of cheats and shortcuts in the comments under this article [].

    • we're forced to use *shudder* ie6 at work, and the dot doesn't look like anything in it. I can't find buttons, I've got white on white text, etc.
    • oh, and js can actually be done more or less right. benny's working on our photo gallery [] and it looks and works pretty well. then again, some people are programmers... and some people... well, aren't.
      • Nice pictures. I see you still have Nulla.

        Over here, Heidi the St. Bernard is no more. She had a degenerative muscle disease in her hind legs, couldn't walk w/o help, major infection that the vet gave only a 25% chance of surviving an operation - and then she'd probably still die a few weeks later ... the puppies would have been awesome, but she was getting old, and it was time.

        Still got the second newfie and the stupid wolf mutt, so life goes on.

        The pics look like a VERY nice place to be. Congratu

        • Yup, Nulla's still around. So are both cats, they just don't get to run around the property like she does.
  • There are a few of the old group still around, but not many. Low traffic. I've not found anything that I like better. You can get to the old journal forms through []. The "new" Slashdot tends to be poorly thought out, and less usable than the old.

    I like my MacBook a lot, but I'm not sure that I have had a "wow" moment. It works, and the design is good. I'll probably buy another in a couple of years.

    Life is a bit flat, but it goes on.

  • Good to see you're still around. Yeah, posting to the journal now sucks, but as others have mentioned, the old interface is still available if you use the correct URL. Also, 70 acres? <shakes head> That amount of space is just plain unheard of here for mere mortals, even in the middle of nowhere. I earn several times the national average, and I only have 0.07 acres. I could probably increase that to perhaps half and acre by moving somewhere more rural (where I wouldn't be able to earn anything like my
    • Right now, we're not in a position to resell anything, but ask again in a couple of months. The cool thing about the 70 ac is that we got it for about the price of a nice car. We're paying $500/mo to the guy who owned it, and we'll own it in 5 years from the purchase date, iirc.

"Mach was the greatest intellectual fraud in the last ten years." "What about X?" "I said `intellectual'." ;login, 9/1990