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Journal CyberKnet's Journal: Wherein We Court Employment, Dog Houses, Apartment Living

Who was it who said "There are jobs out there"? Who was it who said that "The best people are still employed"? Who is it that hasn't called me in two months, hasn't found me a job interview in three months, and when I call them says "The job market is starting to look up. We're seeing a lot more jobs posted, just none with your skill-set"? I'll tell you who. The Recruiting Company. Let me correct them for you. There are NO jobs out there in Oklahoma. The best people are NOT still employed, and the job market in Oklahoma is definitely NOT looking up. While I *do* have a job, I know people much better than me at what I do, and they are unemployed. Yes. I see the common trend in those corrections. I stipulated in Oklahoma. But seriously, if you had already invested $15,000 in a four year degree for your wife, would you really want to throw a large portion of that away to go to a different college? And would your wife throw away a large number of credit hours because you don't like your job? I know that I don't want to throw the money away, and she won't throw the credit hours away. This leaves me at an impasse.

The Dog House. I half suspect that everybody has constructed a dog house except me. You take a box, you add some walls, cut a door, and if you're feeling pretty spiffy, you add a peaked roof. When you think about it, it is just a glorified box. So how is it that raw material will cost about $75 for a 3x4 foot box?!!? Oh well. At least I get a Skilsaw out of the deal. (The cost of the Skilsaw is not, of course, included in the $75)

Meanwhile we actually did get bonuses in the order of about 5%, which was quite nice. I've put mine away in the vain hope that I can afford to buy a house next year. Apartment living, while cheap, does not really tend to give one a lot of space to put things... so my Skilsaw is currently in the back of my gas chugging SUV. Don't break in.

The website got an update again. I found a nice templating engine (PHemplate) and worked on a new style that I stole from MovableType. It is now HTML 4.01 Strict compliant, and has 100% valid CSS. I was originally targeting HTML 4.01 Transitional, but it looked like the amount of work to get from Transitional to Strict was going to be negligible, so I opted for Strict. My, oh my. So many things have changed since HTML 3.

Finally, the quote (having just restocked my wardrobe to accommodate job interviews):
Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes - Henry David Thoreau
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Wherein We Court Employment, Dog Houses, Apartment Living

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