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The Military

Journal Dr_Ken's Journal: A Modest Proposal For The About-to-Be Released Gitmo Detainees 2

ABC News has reported that a USAF drone attack on an Al Qaeda base in Yemen killed a terrorist released from Gitmo by the Bush administration. He was supposed to have been rehabilitated from terrorism in Saudi Arabia, but which didn't happen. And according to the ABC story the Obama administration is going to release to rehab about 100 more of them soon. But this got me to thinking. Why not imbed a transponder that relays the GPS coordinates of the perp to the USAF? You know, in the event things don't work out. It's what we do with probationers, parolees, and others who require closer watching than usual, but is still short of incarceration. And if they should decide to rejoin their AQ buddies....why the Air Force can find 'em for corrective action. Just a thought.

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A Modest Proposal For The About-to-Be Released Gitmo Detainees

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