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Journal cheeseSource's Journal: Bush and Iraq (Aziz's comment) 2

The Deputy Minister of Iraq compared Bush to Hitler. I think this is the second public comment. The first one was the one in Germany which wasn't intended to be public but hit the newstands. I've been waiting for more of these to come out. Although it is difficult to sympathize with Aziz, he seems to fully grasp Bush's horrid nature as a powerful political individual. George Bush's recent comment that the UN either face Iraq or "fade into history as an ineffective, irrelevant, debating society" illustrates Aziz's point clearly. Bush represents the worst type of individual, the hypocrite. He backs out of missile pacts and claims they are out-dated, he backed out of the Kyoto Protocol for the "best interests of the US". Now, he states that the UN is worthless because it does not follow his bidding. What types of men throughout history (what neighbors) have only taken and not given, and how do we remember them? He is truly the man of double standards, a man of ambition but virtueless incompotence. With regard to the UN: the minority should be commended for they are the few that look to the future with a clear head.
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Bush and Iraq (Aziz's comment)

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