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Journal Matthew Weigel's Journal: What the hell

I guess I'm giving journals a shot. Free without invite saves me the time of asking for one, or bothering to finally turn my web server back on. There's an attraction to LiveJournal using a Cocoa app, but OmniWeb 4.2 gives me the text box I want anyway.

But it might be worthwhile to try to keep thoughts somewhere. When I was a kid I wrote about one journal entry every six months, and that was usually an attempt at a suicide note. Thankfully that stopped around the time I discovered girls. Ignoring that, lately I've been reading a lot of online journals, and while the English sucks and the thoughts don't matter a bit outside casual conversation, it does seem to make people feel better. Is it just an addiction, like playing video games makes me feel better? Time will tell.

I'm thinking about shaving off my mohawk. It's a conversation piece, yeah, but not something I particularly care about. The real appeal of a mohawk, for me at least, is that washing is simple, and I spend 30-45 minutes once a week bothering with my hair, while still having more style (or a petty attempt at such; I'm hardly punk and I don't know anything about style) than a shaved head. Then again, it's pretty pretentious to choose one "I don't have to worry about it" hair style over another because of style.

I'm still dealing with not having an iPod anymore; desire to save money by not replacing it is at war with desire to listen to my music. It helps that I'm getting a ride to work more often, and that the car in which I'm riding is getting its speakers replaced. Better speakers at home would help, too, and any speakers outside the territory of my officemate at work, but none of that addresses late night hacking (or insomniacking, like now) sessions or the times I do ride a bus.

Speaking of listening... I am so damned cynical about stereo systems. There are so many different types of audiophile that I won't try to characterize other people's arguments for expensive stereos, but I'll believe it when I hear it. So far, most of the defects I can hear in my own stereo are attributable to using $5 speakers that have been beaten around the country in the back of a U-Haul for 8 years or so. Does that sound bad? Yes. Does that mean I want to spend more than $5 on each speaker next time? Probably. Does that mean I'm going to spend more than $50? Probably not.

There. That's what is going on in my life, and there's a slim chance that one of my friends will stumble upon this and gain new insight into my life. Or maybe even that I'll feel better after this.

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What the hell

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