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Journal Jimmy_Slimmy's Journal: US veterans, good day! 2

I have a tremendous amount of respect for the vast majority of veterans. I salute you! My father, rest his soul, was a veteran and a long-time user of veterans benefits for panic attacks and injuries he sustained as a pilot in the second world war.

G. Bush the senior was a pilot, and served his country admirably, and I salute him.

But let's also talk about cowards, and veterans, and draft-dodgers.

Dick Cheney- a war-mongering coward. "other priorities" past vice to a commander-in-chief. moral relativist. torture advocate. calls himself an american

The scrub- defender of the South, not South Vietnam. Pilot, drunk, and cocaine user. Former commander-in-chief and Puppet Dictator. Coward, and not too bright to boot. amateur attorney, interpreting the Geneva Conventions on War.

Want to fight about it?

Happy Veteran's Day, America. Things are looking up.

Whew, that felt good. I'll have to do that again.


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US veterans, good day!

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  • Nobody ever shot at me, though, even though I was closer to the front than Springfield is to Chicago. The wars we're in now don't even have fronts.

    • On my local news station, i heard an interview with a resident of pakistan.

      that resident spoke of the drones and their missiles. he observed that the US military are a bunch of cowards, who send their machines to kill civilians while they sit back in their upholstered chairs, playing video games that kill women and children (paraphrasing).

      he was of the opinion that the cowards of the US would withdraw if just a few of their members were killed, since they are cowards not devoted to their cause, like the fi

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