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Journal TrollBurger's Journal: $$$$$exygal 6


Look at all the pathetic loosers who have marked $$$$$exyGal their friend. Could there be anything more lame? I would bet that its just some twisted guy out for a few laughs. I wish I had of thought of it earlier. If it isn't some bored guy with too much time on his hands (and it really is a girl), then:
1. She must be so ugly that she couldn't get laid via other means
2. She's fat
3. Probably smells
4. uhh pretty pathetic if she's reduced to being some faceless Siren, calling all the unsuspecting geek bois to come and crash into the surrounding rocks on the shores.
5. must be pretty ugly and everything.
6. Helloooo dearie, what are you doing on slashdot?
7. needs a Hello Kitty vibrator
8. get a life.
9. some of these aren't valid extensions of 'then:'
10. She probably smells funny

"Her" journal is nothing but links to softcore porn and articles about vaginas, in some simple attempt to get all you nerds who can't 'get any' to add 'her' as their friend.

$$$$$exyGal also seems to be a terrible narcissist:

Just for fun, I compared my number of fans vs. some other Slashdot folks:

1071) CleverNickName (+6)
1053) CmdrTaco (+3)
698) Bruce Perens (+?)
432) FortKnox (+1)
400) $$$$$exyGal (+37)
344) hemos (+1)
255) SlashChick (+0)

Thanks for being my fan ;-)


yeah really. fuck you. be my foe, bitch.

Why the dollar signs in your name? Is it from all the money shots you keep receiving?

I would like you to suck my arsehole for a bit please, $$$$$exyGal. Would you like that? I know I would. I think i left little chunks of shit, caked into my pubic hair, right around the opening. Please do me a favour and remove them gently with your tounge.

Now, SexyKellyOsbourne, there's a girl with style. You strike me as nothing but a whore.
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  • She may be a whore, But shes a whore that links to both porn AND the entire collection. That gets anyone added to my friends list.
  • Sorry to hear you don't like my journal. Maybe you don't like naked chicks? Wait a second. Are you the gay porn troll? If you are, I don't have a problem with the gay part, just the troll part. I've slept with several (ok, 2) lesbians in the past, so I don't have any problem with gay people whatsoever.

    Or maybe you don't like the fact that I like having fans? What is the problem with wanting fans? It's a simple transaction, really. I get what I want (a lot of fans), and my fans get what they want (carefully considered adult links).

    It's funny that you and I are using the anonymity of slashdot for completely opposite reasons. You are using it so you can put down others without any fear of them kicking you in the balls. I'm using the anonymity of slashdot so that people like you can't harass my grandma.

    I'll close just by saying if you knew me in real life, you wouldn't be putting me down so much. You would in all likelihood follow me around like a puppy dog, hoping beyond hope that I'd bend over just a little more. I love messing with geeks. Too bad most of the non-bearded ones are faithfully married.


I've got a bad feeling about this.