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Journal jawtheshark's Journal: Ask Slashdot: Ubuntu and Network printing? 15

I have a big problem with Ubuntu 9.04 and my network printer. My network printer is a Ricoh Aficio CL2000N with duplex unit and it supports PostScript. One might think that this printer would be easiest to install on Linux. As a matter of fact, I chose this printer because it supports PostScript level 3 and is networked.

The OpenPrinting database even lists it as "works Perfectly". However, I can assure you it doesn't. I have configured it over the GNome interface, over the cupsd web interface with different protocols (IPP, LPD, etc....). The only thing it does is warm up and that's it. Ubuntu reports that the job has been submitted successfully. I have tried the PPD provided by Ricoh, the PPD provided by Ubuntu, the PPD that Ubuntu downloads if you don't want to use the stock one. Nothing.

I know 100% sure that it worked on Windows (which I can't test, since I have no Windows machines around). My work computer and the Atom both run Ubuntu 9.04 and they both have the issue. Oddly enough, I can print with my work laptop on the Xerox Phaser 8560MFP at work.

I've been searching left and right on forums, but never found any conclusive solution except that I don't seem to be the only one.

Any ideas?

Update 2009-10-22 00:15
Forgot that my sister has a Windows PC on my network. Installed the printer there. Works just fine. (Using the PostScript driver)

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Ask Slashdot: Ubuntu and Network printing?

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  • What I found was most challenging in setting up network printing without a windows magic driver was knowing the print queue name. MOST often it's "lp" or "default". You probably want to check for that information, and make sure that information is making it's way into the Ubuntu setup (btw, I have no experience with Ubuntu, just SuSE & RedHat). I would use LPD, it's a common denominator protocol. Good luck....
    • Yes, I already thought of that: It's one of the first things I looked up. It's "lp" for this model (p70 on the users manual). Still, it doesn't work.

      I do think it is distro-specific. My Asus EEE PC runs Debian Lenny and I'm positively sure that I could print from that machine. (I just can't test it, it's at the hospital with my wife)

  • Check the loaded modules

    My understanding is if the printer isn't connected at install time, the necessary modules won't be installed by default. Installing a printer won't necessarily change this other than load it at boot time.

    In my case it was lp.

    Find the kernel module name and check it is being loaded

    • I think what you say is only true for directly connected printers. However, my printer is on and connected to ethernet 24/7.

      lp is loaded: jorg@luminous:~$ lsmod | grep lp lp 17156 0 parport 42220 2 ppdev,lp

      • Sorry for the formatting glitch:

        jorg@luminous:~$ lsmod | grep lp
        lp 17156 0
        parport 42220 2 ppdev,lp

        • by tqft ( 619476 )

          You are technically correct about my situation.

          But does a network connected printer need a kernel module loaded?

          I assume you have been here?

          Or maybe try something like this?

          • No, normally a network connected printer needs no such things. They talk directly via TCP/IP and if that isn't supported by my kernel, I probably have bigger troubles ;-)

            Haven't been on the gentoo site, the ubuntu one I read evidently. Thing is, there is nothing I don't know there. I have had this Network printer for years now. Never made any trouble, that's why I hugely suspect Ubuntu.... Next release is around the corner, so perhaps I just wait and see if it's fixed.

  • I had a HUGE problem with a well-supported HP 1006 printer, and it turned out that the firmware wasn't being loaded. Not sure if that's required for this network printer.

    Is the printer being auto-configured by CUPS or do you have to do it manually?

    • Possible, but unlikely. When I still had my iBook (ages ago, I know), I could print from that. I'm pretty sure I could print from Ubuntu 8.10 and I know with 99% percent certainty that I can print with Debian Lenny (as said above, I only have that on my EEE PC and I don't have it here)

      Both cups and the GNome interface detect the printer just fine. Now, that said, using the web interface of cups I never tried the auto-detect route. I now did: no difference.

  • Forgive me if I'm teaching you to suck eggs. But::
    • Can you print to it from Linux if you plug it in directly using a parallel cable? Even without cups/lpd/whatever, you can just cat some PostScript to /dev/lp0 and see if it works.
    • When on the network, can you ping it?
    • Can you connect to the relevant port (515, 631 or whatever else you're using)?
    • If you're using lpd, I've come across many printers that are very sensitive to having the correct queue name. Check what the correct one should be for that printer
      • It doesn't have a parallel interface. I think it might have an USB one, but I never used it. Need to find a USB-A to USB-B cable for that, which would be typical for such situations.
      • Of course, I can even access the web interface or telnet to it.
      • On my printer or on the local computer? http://localhost:631/ [localhost] works, yes... If I do "nc wobbegong.sharks 9100" and type random text, the printer warms up and say "Waiting". After I press Ctrl-C it prints the random text I wrote.
      • It's "lp" according to the servic
      • Nope... libpoppler didn't fix a thing.
      • by Tet ( 2721 ) *
        It doesn't have a parallel interface

        Hmmm... Ricoh's web site claimed otherwise. But USB would be fine, if you can find the right cable.

        If I do "nc wobbegong.sharks 9100" and type random text, the printer warms up and say "Waiting". After I press Ctrl-C it prints the random text I wrote

        If you do cat | nc wobbegong.sharks 9100, does it print? If so, what does tcpdump/wireshark show being sent over the wire when printing with cups, and how does that differ from what works by just sending i

        • Parallel port: You're right it does have one. I just looked at the ports (not that easily accessible). So, I need a centronics cable. I should have one at my parents.

          If you do cat | nc wobbegong.sharks 9100, does it print?

          Clever! Why didn't I think of that.... Anyway: cat /usr/share/cups/data/ | nc wobbegong.sharks 9100 prints out the standard cups page perfectly.

          Neither JetDirect or LPD/IPP works. If any of them would have worked, I would have settled for the working versio

        • I filed a bug with Ubuntu today about this. I hoped 9.10 would have fixed it, but it didn't.... I also had the luck that I could get the Asus EEE for an evening (long story) and so I tried printing from Debian Lenny. Worked *just* *fine*. So let's hope I get some help there. I tried to be as detailed as possible. Hope I didn't leave out anything []. Thanks for you help, my friend.

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