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Journal zogger's Journal: cars, gas and comcast 11

(another rambling rant, last for today, I am more whipped than usual*)

Didja ever notice that car companies are not also oil and gasoline sellers? You see no "chevy quikee marts" or "ford gas, beer and butts"? The reason for this is simple, it would lead to severe monopoly abuse to the consumer.

But, we have the same situation with ISPs and now them being content providers as well, or wanting to be. Why is this even allowed? Comcast has billions in spare change to try and buy more content, then they ship it to you on their cable lines. When it was JUST that...well..sorta all right I guess, but now they are an ISP as well, as much as anything else. The same with ATT and "triple play" service. And the telcos locking down their phones and charging "extra" for this or that, the functionality that was there in the first place, again, why is this allowed?

We should have a clear delineation between the pipes, and stuff that goes through the pipes, (wired and wireless pipes, all of them) and companies should not be allowed to be both. Either be an ISP /telco provider, just a connection and compete on price and quality of service there, or offer "content", one OR the other, but not both.

Comcast has billion$ in spare change to go buy more content according to the newz, and dozen$ to upgrade their infrastructure. Same with all of them. But cable franchises are just horrid, they really take the prize there because in most areas they have been granted local monopoly positions as well. I remember WAY back in the day going to the local commission hearing on the first proposed cable provider in our area. They've been lying since day one. First lie was "you'll be paying for the content directly, so there will be no commercials in the shows". Really, I heard that from some cable doofus at the hearing. How long did that last?

Cellphones and web browsing, no, I don't want to buy ringtones from you, or the sportscores, or pay you for stock tickers or the latest hollywood gossip. And no, you already get paid twice for your bandwith anyway, you don't need a third tier of premiums because of such lame claims as "google is riding on our backs and not paying us!". Sorry, google pays for their bandwith, we searchers on google pay for ours, if two payments, one from each end ain't're doing something wrong, or just being greedy, or both. No, I don't want to subscribe to soap opera daily, thanks. No, I think you throttling some VOIP is restraint of trade..... whoops, incoming text, BRB..' /me talking to the incoming text: 'ya, I know my minutes are expiring soon and I need to buy more. Maybe it would be cheaper for me if you didn't lock the phone down (the one with the crappy but at least functional camera) so the only way to get the pictures off the thing is to upload them through your "service". Oh, hey, thanks for making me pay with my airtime to read your spam!' Heck, you get charged for your OWN "content delivery" with some of these guys!

Anyway, outtabealaw. Content provider, or dumb pipe, pick one as your business. And no more local monopolies.

*been repairing rather extensive flood damage from last saturday's downpour that wiped out a lot of fencing and a big cross creek barricade thing I built from scratch last summer. As luck would have it, we had one of those once in a generation rains that flashflooded our creek here, many feet above any other previous high water mark I have ever seen. Boss said he has seen it come close to that just twice in his 30 years here, but not near this bad. Just inundated fences on both sides of the creek, plus the barricade, with logs and mud and junk, smashed them flat. It's been a tiresome week digging that crap out and salvaging and repairing. Getting close to being finished though, maybe three -four more days and I'll be done.

I *did* get interesting "marine salvage" though (not counting a lot of just pure trash, like big truck tires in the middle of the field, a lot of old cans and plastic bottles, a busted plastic file cabinet, all sorts of oddball stuff, etc), found a fully functional BMX bike, still quite good after washing the mud off. No idea where it started out at, but I found it jammed half way down the creek from the road, No, no reports of lost kids either, but I did ride the thing a little, musta been a teenager owned it because it fits me OK, seat height and everything.

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cars, gas and comcast

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  • Local monopolies for cable companies brought affordable broadband to the masses, sooner (without them no company would've risked that initial expensive outlay of fiber). As long as there is healthy competition from satellite providers, and like in my area where you can move to another section of town to get a different cable provider, I'm mostly okay with it. But I totally agree about business niches that are conflicts of interest. Another example is GE owning the NBC networks. Why on earth would we allow a

    • by spun ( 1352 )

      So how come we are so far behind socialist Europe, and Japan, in broadband penetration if monopolies are such great things that do wonders for their customers? I mean, even with the tons of government subsidies we give them, they haven't managed to do as well as a bunch of scruffy unwashed hippy socialists! Maybe monopolies are not in fact a good thing. Maybe monopolies SHOULD be socialized. Maybe democratic control over natural monopolies like roads and utilities actually works better than private ownershi

      • Socialism is oftentimes the more efficient way of achieving something. See also those for whom free market capitalism is their/a religion. Unfortunately for you guys, there are those of us however who put morality above the ultimate in efficiencies.

        And there is no democratic control these days. You and Z do or have likened a govt. solution to being a good one based on we being the govt. If only. But our representatives don't do what we want. They ignore us at town hall meetings, give themselves pay raises a

        • Re: (Score:1, Troll)

          by spun ( 1352 )

          Your definition of morality is not the end all, be all, highest rightest bestest form that all must acknowledge and bow down to. It may interest you to find out that I consider a lot of what you consider moral to be immoral. A system that lets the strong become stronger and oppress the weak is not a moral system. A system that lets a person accumulate power over others is not a moral system. A system that considers its poorer citizens as disposable resources is not a moral system. A system that does not hea

        • But our representatives don't do what we want...With an approval rating of 9% or whatever, it's at least that little how they represent us.

          Where do you get that number from? Some dumb media outlet? The statistics I see indicate at least a 95% approval rating(98.6% to be precise for the prez), which tells me our reps DO do what we want. If you want real numbers, start here []. All your media polls are pure BS.

  • It's allowed for two reasons.

    First, if you suggest that any company's monopoly be returned to the people, who liscensed it to them in the first place, then everyone thinks that you're Stalin. Yes, being against the government granting a private party the authority to come dig up your land, run lines under them, and take profits from your land without paying you a dime of rent, is apparently the red Soviet menace incarnate. So reason number one, Americans like to lick the boots of their elite. Or ruling clas

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