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And in local news...

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  • put a <URL: > around that shit to linkify


    will give you this: []

    • My sock puppets have informed me of similar things in the past, but I like my way for the reasons I have stated in the past.

      Thanks for taking the time! This old dog will consider these new tricks.

  • It was, after all, called "grab n go". Which seems to be exactly what the customers were paying for.

    Also strange that the article seems to indicate that paying to touch a bare hind end is prostitution; though apparently had they been paying for touching clothed hind ends it would have been OK?

    What if they were touching bare hind ends for free and paying to touch them clothed?

    I would think a clever lawyer could find a loophole on the prostitution bit. Though the exposed breasts through the window I d

And on the seventh day, He exited from append mode.