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Journal Jimmy_Slimmy's Journal: Glenn Beck, pudge, and CHOCOLATE! Sept 26 !!!!

Well, in reverse order of importance:

(1) chocolate! I like chocolate. I do not like nuts. ~pudge, I epecially do not like your nuts, they smell rancid. I will not eat your nuts, pudge.

(2) Don't feed the trolls. If you can make them gag, all the better.

(3) Glenn Beck! near pudge! What could be better?

Glenn Beck is coming! Gee, sounds messy, but whatever.

I hope I can get there and see pudge and glenn. I might even see pudge_confirmer . I read that he can sometimes attend events around there.

If you attend, I would be happy to show you my firearms. Like pudge_confirmer, I "open carry" because I do not have a "concealed permit".

Don't forget to offer to buy pudge an alcoholic beverage. I confirm he most likely would refuse to match you shot for shot, but it is worth a try. I remember one of his postings where he admired gun-alcohol porn, so he may even carry and tie one on. But I also hear in the past, he has refused alcohol, likely due to concerns about its mind-altering effects. Hey, if I were him, I would worry too. Hell, I am me, and I worry.

Anyway, if I miss it, let me know how it all goes. Being Glenn Beck and pudge and all, it should be quite a bang.

Sorry I missed the ACORN rally. My heart goes out to them. For all their faults, they have good hearts. And I like a person with a good heart, even if they do some misguided things. pudge is a person I have long admired from afar.

pudge? are you still reading?

Did you go to the ACORN gathering?

Did you carry?

Was it a bang?

(oh, cancelled? wonder why? maybe cause ACORN was censored by NUTS- wing nuts, or gun nuts, maybe ...)

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Glenn Beck, pudge, and CHOCOLATE! Sept 26 !!!!

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