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Journal CmdrTaco's Journal: Updates to Journal System 13

We've made some significant updates to the submission/journal system. Visiting Submissions and Journals yields a new form that allows stuff like tags to the data types. There are a number of annoying bugs, but for the most part the dust is starting to settle. More notes will be coming, but this journal entry is really just me putting the final test on the new Journal form.

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Updates to Journal System

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  • How about this [] particular resource? Going to be phased out eventually?
    • by CmdrTaco ( 1 ) * Works for Slashdot
      you would go to /journal instead. It's just there to make sure while we worked out kinks.
  • Will there be the ability to apply a subject icon to a journal entry, as in the past? I rather liked that, though I only used a few different ones.

    I assume that checking the "Publicize Your Journal..." box is equivalent to the old "Publicize" option, and that leaving it unchecked equates to the old "Post" option (meaning that the old "Publish" option goes away).

    The vertical dimension of the text entry box on the new form is rather small. I altered the default size of the text edit box for journal entries,

    • by CmdrTaco ( 1 ) * Works for Slashdot

      the icon will be back. it's broken and missing.

      you are correct about publicice/post. The old options were confusing and barely used.

      I didn't even think about respecting that user preference. I'll put that in the list.

  • I've mentioned this bug in my journal entries a few times, but the last time I used the firehose it was still there.

    The bug I refer to works as follows:
    • Go to the firehose
    • Click the slashdot logo at the top left (which should take you back to the main page)
    • Front page is now rendered as the firehose, rather than the "normal" front page

    From my observation, the only way to get back to the normal slashdot front page after viewing the firehose is to type into your browser. This behav

    • by CmdrTaco ( 1 ) * Works for Slashdot
      When you say "Go to the firehose" what URL exactly are you looking at? (technically, many pages on slashdot are generated by the firehose). Including the index..
      • When you say "Go to the firehose" what URL exactly are you looking at?

        In particular []

        After I load that page, I can't get the front page to load without the firehose decorations around it (+/- for stories, color-coded search at top-right), unless I manually type in to the address bar in my browser.

        I also see that the front page that I should see when I click the top-left link shows up with an url of in my browser, even though hovering over the logo indicates an url of just

        • by CmdrTaco ( 1 ) * Works for Slashdot
          well, first off, don't use use /recent or /popular (depending on your preference).

          did you happen to use the left hand custom section menu to make a different section your default section? If so, you will land there when you click the logo.

          • well, first off, don't use use /recent or /popular

            I didn't know I wasn't supposed to use However, when I get the link on the front page "you are invited to take a drink from the firehose", it points to

            Where should that link send me instead? I tried /recent and /popular and on my current browser setup they both look like the regular front page.

            did you happen to use the left hand custom section menu to make a different section your default section? If so, you will land there when you click the logo.

            I don't recall having ever looked at such a menu, so I would guess that I have not.

            • by CmdrTaco ( 1 ) * Works for Slashdot
              We'll update that message. Forgot about that.

              I don't know what to say about that corner logo: I redirect to my default slashdot filter. But I'll look into it and see what's up. I know there are some issues with like and the logo on those pages linking to vs, as well as proper mechanisms for navigating back and forth, but I thought it was mostly logical.

              • by Qzukk ( 229616 )

                When I'm on the firehose, the logo has


                I presume this is what he's talking about. Without that onclick, it would load the main page, which for me is nearly identical except for two things:

                1) The article title is a URL pointing to that article on the index. On the firehose, the firehose_set_options() javascript (and the automatic update javascript) sets the firehose URL (or no URL at all?). I can't use the title link to read the story. (Note: the "many m

  • CmdrTaco-

    I have my message settings set to send me a message anytime a friend posts a journal entry. I have you on my friends list, however I received no message when you posted this journal entry.

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