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Journal zogger's Journal: The Pigeon wins! 6

In an experimental stunt in South Africa, to prove just how thoroughly rank their internet infrastructure is, a company outfitted a pigeon with some data card (unspecified in this article), released it, and it beat the "normal" download! By a long shot. The pigeon made the 50 mile trip, and they retrieved the data, while the download over the crappy wires they have there made it only 4% of the way in the same time period.

This is not only funny, but it looks like an outstanding business opportunity for some enterprising folks to set up an "aerial data courier" service.

Edit: here is the official website for Winston the pigeon

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The Pigeon wins!

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  • Of course, they DIDN'T count the time to transport the pigeon from the remote site TO the site with the data as part of the total time. I am no expert, but as I understand it, pigeons aren't "bistable" - they go TO one place and one place only, you cannot have them shuttle between site A, site B, and back to site A, you have to transport the pigeon TO site A, and it will fly to site B when released.

    Yes, if you are doing something such that when the data is ready, it must be moved RIGHT NOW, but you have ple

    • If it's just between the corporate facilities, just raise some birds at each place then. Or something, don't know. How did the Rothschilds do it originally when they trounced all their competition with business intelligence using pigeons?

      Your IP over bullet is too funny. I guess mesh networking would be IP over shotgun pellets...

      Still though, I think it was a good stunt. I don't have any pigeons or that knowledge, but I'd like to see how they stack up to rural landline dialup speeds here in jawjah, say down

    • Ok, so add two hours for the transport of the pigeon to the remote site to begin with...and you STILL beat dialup for multi-GB transfers.

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