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Journal RM6f9's Journal: Small celebration, guarded optimism 4

After 2 weeks between hospital and skilled nursing facility, she's coming home tomorrow - new rails and seat for her tub, walker and wheelchair, the dread blue parking placard, right leg twice the size and 1/4 - 1/10 the strength of the left and on enough morphine and oxycodone to keep me comatose, but:

She's coming home tomorrow.

Hell, later today as of now.

Once she's home, we'll both sleep better (translated - I'll be able to sleep instead of just pass out for 4-5 hours per night), hopefully the leg will improve faster here at home and she'll be able to get up and out and back into her (and our) regularly-scheduled life.

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Small celebration, guarded optimism

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  • You've been sweating this hard and I sympathize. Prayers and best wishes in -> your direction. And both of you keep up your strength!

    When I was doing hospice care for my elderly aunt, I got fabulous results on wearing out the juicer and blender and getting her off so much all the sugary stuff and junk food she was used to eating. I just made her never ending soups and drinks with clean raw veggies and fruits, with some really lean meat like poultry breasts and fish, and also was able to el

  • And I hope that you see continued improvement.

  • ... now go get some sleep!

    Home. It means a lot of good things, especially when you're sick and hurting. I hope returning home helps both of you.

  • She came home, for a couple days - wouldn't eat, got weaker, eventually this afternoon had to call an ambulance for transport beck to hospital - raging bladder infection! Hospital hit her with antibiotics, no other *apparent* challenges, so she's back to her Skilled Nursing Facility (same bed!), and I'm back to critters morning and evening, bedside in between. The good news (if you can call it that) is that I've finally manned up and told my employers that I'm choosing to spend as much time as possible wi

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