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Journal soward's Journal: space: 1999 -- no 'reimagining'?

This is my first slashdot journal entry, and is mostly a 'test' of its working and use. But the Subject is real. It seems like every other sci-fi bit from the 70s-80s has had a total makeover in the past few years. Some, of course, have gone better than others. Why not Space: 1999? Maybe it's the title, since it was set in a future, that's not 10 years in the past, I suppose that could be a hangup, but I'm pretty sure one could run with 'Moonbase Alpha' and be fine. Sure some of the 'tech' didn't make sense, but that didn't slow down Knight Rider, which of course also contained a post-dated futuristic embedded date. (Knight Industries Two-Thousand). Hmm, but then again, maybe it should have....anyway, the most probably reason is that it was a BBC owned bit, and they never relinquish the rights to anything, and yet rarely if ever follow through on using them. Or maybe it's just lack of interest, the original fan base was probably pretty small.
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space: 1999 -- no 'reimagining'?

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