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Slashdot Shilling for Apple, or Microsoft?

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  • Nah, somehow some criticism is not very welcome here. But we'll see when things will get modded down: got 'excellent' myself plus some of it gained in the last week, we'll see..
  • What really bothers me about this is that I have you "Friended" and I've set my Friends to have +6 modifiers. This is so that when I find people I believe to be truly insightful, interesting or informative, I don't have to trust that a moderator on crack/with an agenda won't deprive me of your commentary. Yet, your comment still shows as "Score: 3" to me (yes, I'm logged in). Who do these fucktards (the slashdot admins) think they are that they can dictate who I listen to and who I cannot? The only reas

    • by npsimons ( 32752 ) *

      Quick followup: apparently someone decided to "fix" the slashcode comment modifier calculations. You see, not only do I +6 Friends and -6 Foes, but I +3 Friends of Friends and -3 Foes of Friends (as well as -6 ACs; fuck 'em if they can't be arsed to login). It used to be that the Friend +6 would triumph uber alles (including the dread -2) and bring comment scores up to my comfortable comment threshold of 5. Not any more, apparently. Some dick by the name of "recoiledsnake" had Foe'd you, and I had Frien

    • Either I'm blind, or Slashdot no longer offers the +/- modifiers. Where the hell have they hidden them?

  • I enjoy reading your stuff, so I hope you won't descend into conspiracy theories. These are the editors we've got, so let try to work within that framework.

    BTW, I don't think Apple does much tinkering with the Windows drivers for bootcamp unless it's a showstopper. They mostly just collect them for you and provide it on the CD. After all, they gave you a perfectly fine OS you could use with their computer if you wanted to. ;)

    I came too late to donate mod points on the last JE, so I gave you a +1 on this one

    • Actually, I've been meaning to start migrating to OS X from Linux on my MacBook, but I haven't gotten around to it. I hear some of the apps are nice, and suspend works in Linux, but waking up restarts my gnome desktop, which sort of defeats the whole purpose.

      It is amazing how bad suspend/resume is on Linux. While some custom distributions have got it right, most are utterly clueless. Ubuntu Netbook Remix could not handle suspend/resume on my Acer Aspire D250 (you know, the fast one with the nice screen.) Had to install Jolicloud, which I highly recommend (I have it on a EEE Surf 4G also.) Actually Ubuntu is the champ of boning suspend/resume...

      Apple made a lot of noise about Openness and Unix when they launched this whole OSX thing. It has turned out to mostly

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