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Journal physburn's Journal: Feed Distiller

You might have notice in all my recent post, I've ended with a sig pointing to something called a Feed on a topic related to the post. This is from my Feed aggregation service, Feed Distiller, which has been running for about a year. Feed Distiller take input ATOM/RSS feeds from blogs around the world, merges the feeds, and filters (using advanced statistical word/word pair methods) the items to keep only those on subject. The result is a 8 hourly update web page and a new rss/atom feed. If there's any subject you want to follow, you can make your own Feed Distiller feed for it, we even have a post-screen google search mashup connected to the system, to help find new input feeds. If you run a blog, you might want to add it in to one of our feeds, to get the extra readership. You might (pretty please do), want to display the related feed as a widget on your page.

Feed Distiller been running for a year, is stable, but i'm currently scaling up the engine to handler a lot more feeds. I've an expensive server to run, and i'm not near breakeven yet. So please don't begrudge me the advertising. I enjoying running Feed Distiller it lets me experiment with AI technique, and multithreaded server programming. I also get to keep up on the all the latest news. I'm alway happy when, I find on of slashdot articles, as also been autofound on one of my feeds. For latest news items on Feed Distiller see our press release blog.

As well as Feed Distiller, I also run a number of blogs you might be interested in.

  • Axitronics is about my theory of dark energy, which I believe is explained by a new interaction, similar to the electromagnetic force, but which interacts with neutrinos instead of electrons.
  • The Third Magic is my random musing on any subject
  • Internet Future UK is where I write about, where I think the internet is going (not necessarily, to hell in a hind-cart).
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Feed Distiller

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