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Journal Short Circuit's Journal: Wanted: Crosspost to Slashdot 3

I haven't regularly posted to my journal here on Slashdot in a couple years. Meanwhile, I've posted over 1000 blog posts elsewhere, and recently started using simulpost tools to post to several different SN sites I'm on. However, there are still folks here who aren't in those places, and, of course, there's the wonderful world of the Firehose and the exhilarating risk that some of my idle musings might hit the front page. (If I'm averaging almost three posts per day, there's bound to be something interesting in there...)

What I'd like is the ability to post to my Slashdot account using my own script. I remember the Early days of Slashdot where some folks were using third-party clients to participate in the commenting system. It'd be nice if it were possible for us to do that again today, but with journals. It'd be nice for me to be able to reconnect with old friends, and it'd definitely be nice to bring some of that hacker and DIY flavor back to Slashdot. With the exception of folks like Alioth, that piece of Slashdot seems to be all but gone.

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Wanted: Crosspost to Slashdot

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  • ... Pudge []. Pretty much every journal entry [] he posts here is cross-posted to his own website. He may have a mechanism, and considering he works for slashdot, one would expect if anyone has one, it should be him.
  • As much as I miss those days way back when and would love to see a re-birth I am more and more convinced of a few things.

    1.) People don't want to bother. They say they have more important things to do and just want to find a pre-made tool to just get the job done.

    2.) Slashdot, especially the journal system, is just broke. It would need so much overhaul in terms of scripting or rebuilding the site that the idea doesn't seem worth the work.

    3.) 2+1=this one

    4.) I don't know, feels like I should have a few mor

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