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Journal Raindance's Journal: A couple brainstorms on theoretical biology 3

I recently blogged a couple brainstorms on potential tools in the field of phylogeny-

Long-term alternatives to our current common-descent model in contexts where horizontal gene transfer is significant;

Logarithmic Evolution Distance, an intuitive computational approach to comparing genomes.

They were a lot of fun to think about; perhaps they'd be fun to read if you like theoretical biology stuff.

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A couple brainstorms on theoretical biology

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  • But by then we will all have specialized so much we still won't be speaking a common language :-)

  • ...that's the limiting factor for the accuracy of the new 'log, correct? That and how to involve "junk" DNA.

    Anyway, this is why I love having so many friends on slashdot, the gems show up.

    • Yeah, defining the mutation operations permitted to happen on a genome between generations is really important to this metric, complex, and a little underdetermined by current evolutionary theory. Which is not to say a metric like this need hit it right on the head-- it's the sort of thing where an imperfect model of allowed mutations /should/ bias various comparisons more-or-less equally. In theory. :)

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