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Journal ValarClan's Journal: RE: May Unemplyment Numbers are in 1

This is a reply to someone who immediately foed me.

Obviously your un aware of the "end of the Deficit under Clinton". The deficit was majorly reduced under his term and scheduled to be gone. The largest economic growth in US history under his term....

And he was over 8 years back.

Bush has long advocated DEREGULATION, and his policy reflects it.

Additionally getting into major expensive war with a country that had no weapons of mass destruction and the terrorist we were after were not even there UNTIL we arrived... Irag was a expensive war, that to this day cost us way too much to warrant. Adding to the current deficit by Trillions. And billions to our former Vice President's former company go unaccounted, if not more.

And the VP was the major manipulator of the CIA's intelligence, rather then letting the facts stand for themselves. And this 'filtered' information was what was proposed and sent to congress and our Dopey Bush (who to this day has very few working brain cells still working right). (I would even argue he was a traitor to Bush and the country.)

And now we have the worlds largest deficit due to the actions of Draft Dodging (Cocaine snorting at the time) Bush? (Yes he was under rehab during his time he was 'suppose to be' in the national guard.) Lovely!

Obviously the writer RAILGUNNER does not like rebuttal's.
Not sure if he is trying to write humor or he actually believes his stuff!!! LOL!
If Bush still had his full brain working, and I have met the family, I am sure he would have long ago realized what he has done is stupid and what caused this mess.

But right now he actually believes his own crap! Even though he was the hand puppet to another.

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RE: May Unemplyment Numbers are in

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