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Journal gerardrj's Journal: War? No, just a battle.

So here we go again... another grey haired president sending troops to a forign land to impose the will of the United States.
Does ANYONE remember this little document we here like to call The Constitution? Someone in The White House might want to try reading the thing some day. It's chock full of good ideas, such as balance of power in the Federal Government. For example, The Constitution specifically grants The President the position of Commander in Chief of the armed forces. That means that the pres gets to run the military within the confines of The Constitution. That documents also grants Congress (thats the combined House of Representatives and the Senate for those not paying attention in class), soley, the ability to declare war.
One can easily see that what was intened was for Congress to declare war on an "enemy" country, then the President would take over and command the military as necessary to win the war. The problem here is that Mr. Bush is sending massive numbers of troops and equipment to the middle east for battle in Iraq. Congress has NOT declared war on Iraq. IF US troops invade Iraq, we will be violating our own laws!
Lets not even get in to the way that Mr. Bush will be violating the laws of the god he claims to hold so dear. When, exactly, did god pass down an ammendment to the 5th commandment so that is reads: "Thou shalt not kill, unless thou art the United States, and thou are pissed off at brown people and wish to 'teach them a lesson'"?
Mr. Bush... if you truely believe in America and Christianity, you will ask Congress to officially declare war on Iraq. You will then use only non-lethal weapons to accomplish your stated goals.
IF you don't you are a criminal, a liar and a hypocrit.

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War? No, just a battle.

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