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Journal pardasaniman's Journal: THe horridity of linux spam

I recently was shocked and appalled to find spam in my inbox regarding a pro-linux message.

Here is the message:
Dear value M$ customers,
Many of you might have noticed the Internet was clogged during the last weekend. The cause is from the M$ SQL server security hole, allowing your lovely "easy-to-use" (maybe from the hackers point of view) M$ server to accept and execute artbitary code. The SQL worm generates massive network packets which seriously jamming the Internet traffic and blocking Internet access in areas with serious infection. Innocent people like me who are using Linux based systems were also affected. Our servers are safe from the worm, but it was completely blocked from the Internet for almost three days. Cannot receive emails and people couldn't browse to our web site. This causes me enormous financial lost and affects my reputation. If you can remember, this is not the first time. Last time almost the same thing happened, the M$ IIS virus "Red" did a similar attack which also blocked my Internet access for days. Thanks for M$ fans, who paid big bucks to M$ to make them richer as they could invent "easy-to-use" software for hackers. I think M$ fans are regarded as Internet "Friendly", friendly to Internet hackers and "friendly" to innocent Internet users like me.
Commercial software vendors should have delivered high quality software as they shipped the software (Especially the richest software company should have a better QA, but unfortunately not). However, it turns out they even blammed their customers. See the news about the game of blamming
Obviously, users who paid M$ not just suffered from a high TCA and TCO, they are also loosing their face and reputation which regards as "lazy" by M$ spokesman. Saying such thing to their customers are really rude. Well, your pocket is obviously being ripped but also your FACE! I am wondering how can you continue with such unfair customer/supplier relationship? However, why the open-source Linux delivered a high level of security and reliability out of the box, and were not affected even it already took a majority of the Internet server market? Please be smart, move away from M$ . I paid absolutely nothing, ran a M$ free shop with Linux for more than 3 years with zero virus infection history (real story and no bull).
Please pass this email to your friends and save the Internet!
The Internet Friendly User

Although I agree with the stance. Why fight evil corporations with evil tactics?
Has anyone else gotten pro-linux, anti microsoft mail?
Do we think this is really effective?
This kind of spam must stop right now in my opinion!
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THe horridity of linux spam

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