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Journal LiquidCoooled's Journal: Nokia ovi - finger friendly? 5

Last week (23rd April) I arrived in Finland to visit Nokia.
I spent a full day with the Maemo team and some of the Fremantle stars participants we were leaving the building when an accident occured.

I got to the large all glass front doors at the entrance to the building.
They had a very small handle on them.
I pushed on one of them and found it to be locked
so I pressed the button just below the handle thinking it was an unlock.
when I reached back up and put my hand through the handle it started to move outwards.
it sliced the end of my finger open - like opening a banana.
my bone was exposed and the finger nail is destroyed and skin around it torn.

After running outside (the door was open now) and jumping around and yelping in pain the Nokia guys and other members of my party were looking at me wondering what had happened.
It was only when I turned round that they noticed something serious had happened - a CSI'esq spurt of blood went up and across my face.

I got to the hospital and had many stitches to get my finger back together.

Every single person who has heard has been mortified and Nokia have to date done everything possible to help me and to prevent this kind of injury occuring again.

I want to give a big thank you to Jussi and to the ambulance drivers and the doctors and nurses in the hospital and also to the hotel receptionist who upon hearing apologised as if it was her personal fault.

Since the accident the door handles have been taped off then removed, every employee in the building has been notified of an incident, the doors are being redesigned and warning signs placed onto every automatic door.

it is with a certain sense of irony that i say I am helping nokia ovi to become finger friendly :)

xray image:

Now I am just about to have my stitches out, I have had the most painful week of my life to date.
As a software developer working with touch devices I find my fingers are most important.

Since arriving home, a lot of people have asked me why haven't I sued Nokia for pain and negligence.

My initial answer was because I am not American, I am British and I have a stiff upper lip.
But it goes beyond that - I don't need to sue anybody, my experiences to date have been that Nokia are an honourable company and will do the right thing anyway.

I might have considered it had there been no reaction to my injury, but I have seen the cogs of a corporate machine work quickly and effectively to take care of a problem they didn't think they had. As the event has gone through I have heard about events and notifications effecting the building as a whole and people from different departments working together to find a permanent solution to the problem. I am certain once it gets high enough an official apology and further recompense will be made.

That doesn't take my pain away though, I have a poignant reminder of my time in Helsinki and when I return I will just beware of the doors.

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Nokia ovi - finger friendly?

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  • we are lawsuit happy but we don't all have nasty teeth.

    glad it wasn't worse and your finger is getting better. agree with you in regards to the lawsuit angle as well.

  • What a shame that such an exciting visit to Nokia had to go so horribly wrong! Get better quickly!

    Maybe they can use this opportunity to add bionics to your hand. We can do it; we have the technology.

    I saw that picture of your X-Ray. I thought it was something to do with this app: []

    -- Qole

    • Indeed qole, we have mentioned fitting a retractable stylus in there.

      the stitches are out now anyway (hurt like a bitch!) and the healing process has started, I just have to get the dressing changed every couple of days now.

      I have a real photo now from when the bandages were off - Tracy keeps calling me E.T!

      My liqbase (sliq!) coding has been frustrating this week, its been more planning and arranging than anything.

      I met up with some very interesting people both inside and outside Nokia and even with the ali

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