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Journal Short Circuit's Journal: Feed happy 8

So I threw together a few more feeds. Here's the list of all the ones I've got right now:

Bad English: Usages of the English language that annoy me. Currently aggregates searches for "begs the question" and "could care less". Feel free to suggest more; If I like them, I'll add them.

Facepalms and Headdesks: Aggregates searches for the unconventional emotiwords (I don't know a better term; I don't think onomatopoeia) terms "facepalm" and "headdesk". If you have any more along these lines, let me know...

Meme Happy: Currently aggregates "in im ur", "it's over 9000" and "do a barrel roll". I also added a search for '"ours is not to wonder why, ours is but to do or" -die' ... Need more memes.

Zero Wing: When I tried to come up with memes for "meme happy", I kept thinking of references to Zero Wing. So that got its own feed.

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  • Irregardless? Decimate also gets me since it really means losing 1 in 10. But its taken on meaning a far more grievous loss. The other one is "War on x." See wars are actually fought a little differently. Not that I'm necessarily opposed to artillery and crack houses, but there's got to be some limits...
    • Added irregardless, already have some hits, including this one [], which I took the opportunity to reply to.

      Not so sure about decimate or "War on x".

      • Awesome. I know I'm pretty alone with decimate because, well, not everyone studied as much Roman history as I did;-) War on x always gets me because of how much that kind of rhetoric pervades our culture, be it a politician or CEO.

        Did you add "/ducks" to your list?
        • Google's helpful search keyword mutation would lead me to pick up on every mention of mallards and other fowl.

          And you don't have to be familiar with Roman history to be aware of the word's etymology. Heck, anyone who remembers the SI prefix set ought to be aware of it. (Though it's amusing when people confuse deci with deka.)

"I'm not afraid of dying, I just don't want to be there when it happens." -- Woody Allen