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Journal Gandalf_Greyhame's Journal: Achievements

Well, I just had a look at my userpage and discovered the new "Achievements" section. I must say I find it rather intriguing, if somewhat pointless, but it is yet another way to stroke ones ego.

So to gain another achievement, I have decided to write a somewhat useless journal entry (and if you are reading my journal, yes this is it)

I suppose that while I am writing this journal I should talk a little bit about myself. However me being me and this being Slashdot, home of the "tell them nothing" fraternity, I am reluctant to do so. I can still explain the choice of my username.

To be completely honest I am somewhat ashamed at myself for using the Gandalf_Greyhame username. I don't know why, it just feels wrong. I created my Slashdot account at the age of 16 while in year 11 at High school, which should go a long way to explaining why this name got chosen. At the time I was reading LoTR probably a couple of times a year, though I now haven't read the book for many years.

Many things have changed over the years. Now when I look back at the younger version of me, I am somewhat disgusted at what I see. My attitudes towards many things have changed, and my priorities have changed with them. Thus I no longer stand at the alter of Linux in worship. Nor do I constantly deride the operating system that is known as Windows. They each serve their purpose, for good or ill.

Oh, and I use OSX. This is the point where I am yelled down for being an "Apple fanboi" but after years of playing with Linux I found it difficult to go back to the Windows environment and I no longer desired the ability to configure every last aspect of my environment. I craved simplicity in form and function.

Having said that, damn I miss Enlightenment... the most gorgeous piece of eye-candy ever created

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